Visiting Somenath- the sacred city of west India

Visiting Somenath- the sacred city of west India
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Date : 10 Mar 2023

Gujarat, an Indian state in the west, contains the coastal town of Somnath. The town is known for its historic significance, stunning beaches, and old temples and is located on the Arabian Sea coast. The renowned Somanath Temple, which is situated within the town's boundaries, inspired its name.
Somnath is a bustling community with a diverse ethnic backgrounds. Visitors can buy handicrafts, textiles, and other regional goods at the town's bustling local market. Somenath's regional cuisine is renowned for its seafood, veggie, and desserts. For anyone interested in getting a taste of India's rich history, tradition, and natural beauty, Somenath is an excellent choice. The town is the ideal location for a family vacation, a personal break, or a single adventure because it provides a wide selection of recreational opportunities for tourists of all ages.

A Peek into the History

Somnath has a long history that reaches back to antiquity. Legend has it that the village originally housed the renowned Somanath Temple, which has been regarded as one of the most significant Hindu temples in the country. During its history, the temple was often demolished and rebuilt, and after each time, it became even more spectacular.

The Skanda Purana, which was composed between the fifth and tenth century CE, is one of the earliest Hindu writings to make reference to the temple. Somnath is a city with a long history and a number of interesting historical sites. A superb example of traditional Indian architecture with breathtaking views of the surroundings is the Uparkot Fort in the nearby city of Junagadh. For those who enjoy history, the Buddhist Caves of Junagadh are a must-see. Some of the earliest Buddhist constructions in India can be found in these caves, which date to the second century BCE.

How to reach:

Via Air: Diu Airport, which is situated about 70 kilometers from Somnath, is the closest airport. From important Indian cities including Mumbai, Delhi, and Ahmedabad, there are frequent flights to the airport. Visitors can either take a bus or a taxi from the airport to Somnath.

By Train: Veraval Railway Station, which is situated about 7 kilometers from Somnath, is the closest train station. The station has excellent connections to Delhi, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad, among other important Indian cities. Visitors can take a bus or a taxi to Somnath from the station.

By Bus: Major cities in Gujarat and some other regions of India can be reached by road from Somnath. The hamlet is near the NH-8E highway, which links it to significant urban centers like Ahmedabad, Surat, and Mumbai. To get to Somnath, travelers can either take a bus or hail a taxi.

Climate and Best time to visit:”

The average annual highest temperature in Gir Somnath is 32.2°C (90.0°F)

From October to March, when the weather is lovely and comfortable, is the perfect time to visit Somnath. The temperature during these months fluctuates from 15°C to 30°C, making it perfect for outdoor activities like sightseeing, visiting temples, and going to the beach. Also, visitors may take advantage of all the town's charms without having to endure the inconvenience of harsh weather or copious amounts of rain.

Ideal days to say:

The appropriate length of time to spend in Somnath varies on the interests of the guests and the available time. A minimum of 2-3 days is advised to fully explore the town's many features, including the Junagadh Buddhist Caves, the Uparkot Fort, and the Somanath Temple. Visitors will be able to do so and casually stroll through the town, taking pleasure in the sights and sounds it has to offer.

A lengthier stay of 4-5 days or even more may be required for people who want to see the neighboring beaches and other sights, especially Gir National Park, located approximately 40 kilometers from Somnath. Visitors will be able to take day trips to adjacent locations in addition to enjoying all of the town's attractions as a result.

Top Attractions to Explore:

Beautiful Somnath in Gujarat has a strong cultural and historical background. A few of the top destinations in Somnath are listed below:

  1. Somnath Temple: Oe of India's most revered and well-known temples is the Somanath Temple. It is renowned for its stunning architecture and extensive history and is devoted to Lord Shiva.
  2. Uparkot Fort: Around 40 kilometers from Somanath, in the village of Junagadh, is the historic fort known as Uparkot. It's renowned for having tall walls and ornate construction.
  3. Junagargh Caves: The Junagadh Buddhist Caves are a collection of old rock-cut caverns that are situated in Junagadh, around 40 kilometers from Somanath. They are renowned for their exquisite carvings and stunning sculptures.
  4. Bhalka Tirth: It is a revered location close to the Somanath Temple. It is thought to be the location where Lord Krishna accidentally shot himself in the mortal body with an arrow.
  5. The Prabhas Patan Museum: A stunning museum that is close to the Somanath Temple. It contains a variety of items and displays pertaining to the vibrant history and culture of the town.
  6. Triveni Sangam: The Hiran, Kapila, and Saraswati rivers come together at this holy spot to form the Triveni Sangam. Many pilgrims travel there because it is thought to be a holy location.
  7. Veraval Beach: It is a stunning beach that is close to Somnath. It is renowned for both its tranquil ambiance and visual beauty.
  8. Gir National Park: The Asiatic lion can be seen at Gir National Park, which is around 40 kilometers from Somanath. The park is well-known for its diverse wildlife.
  9. Kamnath Mahadev Temple: This stunning temple is situated close to Somnath. It is renowned for its serene atmosphere and stunning architecture.

Accommodation Recommendation:
Somanath offers a wide variety of lodging options, from cheap hostels to five-star hotels. Some of the top accommodation options in Somnath are listed below:

  1. A 4-star hotel called The Fern Residency may be found close to the Somanath Temple. It has roomy, opulent accommodations with contemporary conveniences including air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and free Wi-Fi.
  2. In close proximity to the Somnath Temple lies the hotel Shubh Suvidha, which is reasonably priced. It provides tidy, cozy accommodations with standard features like a TV and cooling systems.
  3. Budget-friendly hotel near the Somanath Temple is called Hotel Ambar. It provides tidy, cozy accommodations with standard features like a TV and air - conditioning units.


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