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Are you an adventure junkie who has a trip planned to Leh Ladakh? Well, then you are going to have the best time of your life. The magnificence of the popular tourist destination is not the only thing it is famous for - it is also known for the number of adventure activities that can be performed here. 

From viewing picturesque vistas to biking on rough and narrow roads, there is a lot you can do in Leh Ladakh. And remember, most of these will give you an adrenaline rush like never before. In fact, there are several Adventure Tour Packages Leh Ladakh that focus on such activities. So before you pick a tour package for yourself, let us run you through some of the most thrilling activities you can perform here. 

Ice Hockey

If you happen to visit Leh Ladakh during winter, you will be stunned by the enticing views of snow-laden mountains, trees, roads, and houses. What’s better than trying ice hockey offered by campsites? The cold deserts are commonly famous for numerous winter sports, one of which is ice or pond hockey. 

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a highly challenging sport - you need to be physically fit and have great stamina to perform this activity. It involves both natural and artificial rocks. You can contact your tour operator for reserving it for you. They will ensure that you get to perform it under the guidance of the best team. Besides, you will also be provided with specialized climbing equipment. 

River Rafting

One of the most famous Adventure Activities Leh Ladakh is river rafting in Zanskar and Indus. If you are strong-hearted, you should definitely give it a try. River rafting in Leh Ladakh is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The crystal clear waters, snow-covered mountains, and traversing through cold waters are what make performing this activity here unique. 

Jeep Safari

If you are not much into bike rides or are traveling with people who would rather not take a bike ride, the next best option is a jeep safari. You will get to enjoy the challenging altitude and the moonscape. And since there are a number of places that you can visit, there will be several road journeys. And what better way is there than to make these journeys even more fun? 

Some of the most famous routes are Trans Himalayan Safari, Srinagar-Leh, and Manali-Leh. Moreover, jeep safaris are convenient, favorable, and safe for all age groups. May it be your partner, family, or friends that you are traveling with, this mode of transport is ideal for all scenarios. 

Chadar Trek

If you are looking for Top Things To Do in Leh Ladakh, look no further. Chadar Trek is among the most renowned treks across the globe. Thousands of voyagers come here to enjoy trekking on a thin sheet of ice. During the winter months, Zansakar freezes and turns into a blanket of ice. Adventurers and trekkers travel especially at this time of this year to indulge in this activity.

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