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The breathtaking views of the picturesque valleys and majestic mountains combined with its rich culture and history make the North East popular among tourists. To date, if you have only heard about the wonders of this region and have never gotten to witness its beauty in person, it is time you consider planning a trip. And in case you already have one planned, even better. 

In this blog, we will share some of the most magnificent places, most of which are even included in a majority of Luxury Tour Packages in North East. Are you ready to find out what these are? Let’s step right into the details.

Madhuri Lake 

Shungaster Lake located in the Tawang District of Arunachal Pradesh was named Madhuri Lake after the popular Indian actress, Madhuri Dixit. There is a small army cafeteria close to the lake, which serves scrumptious momos. The scenic, serene views of distant mountains and glimmering lake make the momos taste even better. The best time to visit the lake is between April and October due to the pleasant weather. 

Talatal Ghar

Literally, Talatal Ghar means royal palace and was built in the 18th century by Swargadeo Singha. The seven-storied palace is not like other palaces - its unusual architecture and modesty make it stand apart. So if you are someone who loves history, make sure to add this to your list of places to visit in North East. Besides, if you are looking for Budget Holiday Packages in North East, you will most likely find Talatal Ghar a part of the itinerary. 

Majuli Islands

The river island named Majuli Islands is located in the Brahmaputra River in Assam. It is known to be a cultural hub of the area, being home to several tribes. Initially, the island was 1200 square kilometers but has now shrunk to 420 square kilometers because of erosion from the Brahmaputra. Nonetheless, it is perfect for a visit. 

In case you are planning to opt for North East Tour Packages from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, you can ask your tour operator to book a flight to Jorhat Airport. This is particularly if you want to visit the islands first. From the airport, Majuli Islands is a boat ride away. 

Dampa Tiger Reserve

With a large area of nearly 550 square kilometers, the Dampa Tiger Reserve is home to magnificent Sparse Tigers that you can capture in your memories and on your camera. The royal look of a tiger, the way it walks, and how it catches its prey - everything about these creatures is worth watching. So all you need to do is travel via a taxi or transport bus from the railway station or airport to Dampa Tiger Reserve in Phulbial, Mizoram. 

During your visit, you will also get to witness ten different species of animals and a variety of bird species. And if you have not yet decided when you are going to visit the North East, we recommend you consider traveling between November and February for an ideal experience.

Famous Tourist Places in North East

Famous Tourist Places in North East

North-East India boasts beautiful tourist destinations due to the scenic valleys and lofty hills. In fact, the beauty of nature is a treat to the eyes and soul. The panoramic views will make you want to capture them, so no do not forget to carry a camera and rechargeable batteries. Now that you are fully invested, let us share with you the Best Places to Visit in North East. So suit yourself up because just getting to know about these can be highly compelling.

Kaziranga National Park

A UNESCO Heritage Site, Kaziranga National Park is renowned for being home to one-horned rhinoceros, which is why tourists from all over the globe visit this place. Located in Kanchanjuri, Assam, it comprises various species of animals, birds, trees, and plants. So while you are waiting to see the one-horned rhinos, do not forget to look around at other interesting species. 

Ziro Valley

Can you imagine a blend of beautiful views and concerts? Ziro Valley is like a dream come true. Not only does the North East boast panoramic views but it also brags about its annual rock concert. The event takes place at the end of September for three days and nights in Lower Saubansiri, Arunachal Pradesh. 

The best part about reaching here is that it is well connected by rail, road, and air. So you can take a flight, train, bus, or a private vehicle to reach here. The nearest railway station is situated in Naharlagun, which is nearly 100 kilometers away, and equally far is the airport located in Johrat, Assam. 

Nathu La Pass

One of the most Famous Tourist Places in the North East, especially for adventure seekers, is Nathu La Pass. literally meaning listening ears, the trek is popular for panoramic vistas and glimmering lakes. It is located in the border area of China (Tibet Autonomous Region) and India (Sikkim). 

All you need to do is seek a permit and take a sturdy vehicle to reach Nathu La Pass from Gangtok. We recommend you take the trek during summer since the temperatures are nearly 15 degrees Celsius. In winter, it can go as low as -25 degrees. Low oxygen levels combined with cold temperatures can increase the difficulty of the trek. 


The wettest place in the entire world, Cherrapunji, is located in Meghalaya. It is popular for its living root bridges, which are created because of nonstop rain. You can even consider camping under these bridges to experience a life close to nature. Besides, you can also consider living in a homestay, which is the most popular kind of accommodation for tourists here. This way, you will get to know about the local culture by interacting with your host. Not to mention, you can savor the local delicacies prepared at home. 

Phodong Monastery

Phodong Monastery is among the most popular Sightseeing & Tourist Attractions in North East. built in the 18th century, it is the most sacred place for the Kagyu sect of Buddhists. Located on the Singtam-Chungthang Road, Pelling in Sikkim, the monastery has exquisite architecture.

Sightseeing & Tourist Attractions in Kashmir

The North East has a lot in store for travelers. People can visit historic monasteries and palaces, relax and watch panoramic views, and much more. The best part about the region is that you can choose from a number of activities to perform. If you want a peaceful activity, you can go kayaking. However, if you are considering a more challenging one that only the brave-hearted can undertake, we recommend you go rappelling. And these are not just it - there are many more adventures. Keep reading to know what these are. 

Explore Caves

Meghalaya is filled with numerous caves. What is even more mesmerizing is that exploring these caves is an adventure in itself. The famous Awrah Cave and Mawsmai Cave are highly recommended. And if you have plans of visiting Cherrapunji, you should definitely explore the caves there. Even the longest cave in Asia is located in Meghalaya. 

Outdoor Camping

The North East is ideal camping since there are plenty of waterfalls, caves, and rivers to keep you company. The sound of water flowing and the view of millions of stars above you make it worth the experience. Besides, if you are traveling in a group, you can also enjoy a bonfire that involves delicious food, dancing, singing, and fun games. If you are not sure where to camp, you can consider Dawki, Garbhanga reserve forest, Kisama heritage village, and Majuli Island. 

Zip Lining

Among the most interesting activities in the North East is zip lining. Usually, adventurers perform the activity in Meghalaya in Mawdok Valley, which is the entry point of Cherrapunji. This zipline is 1,200 feet high and 2,600 feet long. The aerial view of the mountains while on the zipline makes the experience even more incredible. 


Add a day in Mayphanlur and Nongkhnum Island in Meghalaya to your itinerary because here is where you will be performing kayaking. Kynshi River, located 15 kilometers from Nongstoin, is also a popular base for the activity. This adventure sport requires good arm movement and stamina. In fact, if you are traveling with your partner, it is the perfect way to bond over an activity. 


Numerous waterfalls and hills in the North East are ideal for rappelling. Moreover, there are risky rapids for challenging the spirit and testing stamina. So if you are interested in going for this thrilling yet difficult adventure sport, head to Elephant Falls for waterfall rappelling. However, if you are more interested in rock climbing and rappelling, go to Shnongpdeng village in Dawki. 


Last but not least, the lofty hills of the North East imply beautiful trails perfect for a trekking experience. Some of the most popular trekking destinations include double decker living root bridge in Cherrapunji, Latilum Canyon in Shillong, and David Scot Trail (Mawphlang). Other famous trails include Namdapha National Park’s trekking trails, Goeche La Trek, and Sandakphu. Also, if you plan to go on a long and challenging trek, remember to carry all the essential items.