Let's Meet The Scenic Lake City Of Udaipur

Let's Meet The Scenic Lake City Of Udaipur
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Date : 02 Mar 2023

The city of Udaipur is often referred to as the City of Dawn and is renowned for its calm lakes. This city has a natural beauty, but it also has a rich social, natural, and cultural heritage, as well as an ecologically rich environment and aesthetic beauty. The city's lakes, the lavish and peaceful Aravalis, beautiful parks, harmonious monuments, and an abundance of greenery all preserve its picturesque attractiveness. One of Udaipur's most prized assets, Lake Pichola contributes significantly to the city's attractiveness and occasionally draws tourists. It is regarded as one of the city's greatest treasures.

The Rajasthani city of Udaipur, once known as Mewar, is an incredibly old kingdom that still instils a sense of seniority and pride in its residents. Because Udaipur served as Mewar's capital under Maharana Pratap's dominion, there can be no question that the city has historical significance. Other well-known names for the city include the Venice of the East and another Kashmir of India. Udaipur is home to the most diverse collection of cultural identities. Because its lakes are interconnected, Udaipur also has a very large potential for water retention and picturesque views.

A Peek In the History:

For many years, Udaipur, a regal city, served as the Mewar state's capital. The founding of the city is the subject of a tale. Maharana Udai Singh once encountered a holy sage while on a hunting journey in the Aravalli mountains. In this bountiful vale, surrounded and sheltered by the towering Aravallis, the sage instructed the ruler to create a kingdom. As a result, in 1553 AD, Maharana Udai Sing founded Udaipur.

Prior to 1818, when it was made a princely state of British India, Udaipur served as the Mewar region's capital. The Maharaja of Udaipur gave Udaipur to the Indian Government after Independence in 1947, and Mewar was amalgamated into the Rajasthan state. Udaipur is currently a significant city in Rajasthan. It is renowned for its breathtaking environs, imperial history, stunning palaces and monuments, eye-catching lakes, and utterly amazing temples.

How to reach:

1. Airway: All of the region's major cities can be easily visited by traveling to Udaipur. It is only 22 kilometers (km) east of the city and has the Maharana Pratap International Airport, Udaipur Airport, or Dabok Airport. The city is connected to Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Kolkata by domestic flights like Air India, IndiGo, Jet Airways, and SpiceJet.

2. Roadway: All of the important cities in Rajasthan and its nearby states may be reached by road from Udaipur. This kind of transportation is convenient, affordable, and occasionally quicker than the railway. Regular buses connect Udaipur with all neighboring cities, including Jaipur, Delhi, Indore, Chittorgarh, Ahmedabad, Ajmer, Kota, and Mt. Abu, at the Udaipur Bus Stand. The primary public transit provider in the region, Rajasthan Roadways, offers Luxury and AC buses for the comfort and ease of its patrons.

3. Railway: On the Udaipur Highway, about 3 kilometers away from the central city and 20 km from the airport, is where you'll find the daipur Rail Station. Udaipur is regularly connected by railways to all significant cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Agra, Jaipur, and much more. The opulent Palace on Wheels is another option for getting to Udaipur. (Yes it is a part of the royal rail journey)

Climate and best time to visit:

Summer (May – September): 23 °C (73 °F) to 44 °C (111 °F)

Winter (October – April): 5 °C (41 °F) to 30 °C (86 °F).

From September through March is indeed the ideal time to explore Udaipur.

In Udaipur, these periods make up the cold weather. The minimum temperature is around 12 degrees Celsius and the highest temperature does not fall below 30 degrees Celsius throughout this period. Tourists have the ideal weather for traveling and city exploration thanks to the gentle breeze in the weather. In addition to serving as the peak season of the year, this is also when Shilpgram Crafts Fair takes place in Udaipur.

Ideal Days to stay:

2-3 days are sufficient for visiting the noteworthy sights in Udaipur for an exciting romantic trip or a budget-friendly getaway with friends/ family.

Top Attractions to Explore:

1. Mehrangarh Fort

One of Rajasthan's greatest forts, the imposing Mehrangarh, stands on a mountaintop and guards the capital. The fort has seven gates, covers an area of 5 square kilometers, and is located at a height of around 125 meters. To reach the peak of the short, not too steep slope, one might either try walking. Driving or hiking up, the steep rocky wall out of which Mehrangarh's huge, enormous sandstone fortress rises appears just magnificent. As one walks through to the meticulously kept regalia and magnificent relics, it offers a grand delight. And don’t miss the view of the tiny blue houses as it seems while you are soaking in the view from atop.

2. Lake Palace
The Lake Palace Heritage Hotel is in keeping with the regal treatment received on the Palace on Wheels. The wonder of white marble which appears to be floating tops the splendor of the turquoise lake's waters giving panoramic views. The Luxury Hotel in concern serves as the princes of Mewar's vacation home. The royal court, which draws visitors from both inside and outside of India, is essentially a cutting-edge island hotel that Jagat Singh constructed in 1746. As a result, it is sometimes alluded to as Jag Niwas or Jagat Singh's home. The center of the city is not far from the offshore hotel.What's more, the regal state of Rajasthan is offering you this incredible experience.

3. Maharana Pratap Memorial
On the pinnacle of Pearl Hill and Moti Margi, Maharana Pratap Memorial is situated, commanding the stunning Fateh Sagar Lake. This Maharana Pratap memorial, a historically significant location, features beautiful giant statues of the ruler riding Chetak. The battle of Haldighati claimed the lives of both Maharana and his devoted horse. This site, also known as Pratap Smarak, is frequented by visitors who would like to honor both equally.

4. Bagore Ki Haveli
The Prime Minister of Mewar built Bagore ki Haveli, another stunning piece of architecture, in the eighteenth century. This palace, located on the Gangaur Ghat of Lake Pichola, underwent five years of repair before being turned into a museum. A visit to this Haveli is quite delightful with its lovely terraces and courtyards, more than 100 apartments, excellent mirror work, and dramatic murals. The museum displays traditional Rajasthani artwork, princely paintings, as well as Maharajas' keepsakes and attire. In addition to the largest turban in the world, also exists a gallery of puppets and an excellent turban collection.

Accommodation Recommendations:

The "Old City" neighborhood in Udaipur is the greatest place to stay. You can reach most of Udaipur's tourist sites, including the well-known Jagdish Temple, the City Palace, and the Bagore Ki Haveli Museum, on foot from this location in addition to having the best range of the city's hotels, restaurants, and pubs. The Jag Mandir Palace, the Taj Lake Palace, or the Monsoon Palace can all be reached by public transportation, as can the majority of the surrounding region's top sights. The ancient town's proximity to Lake Pichola is another factor that makes it unquestionably the ideal place to stay in Udaipur.

~ Best Boutique Hotels in Udaipur are Taj Lake Palace, Bloom Boutique Hotel, and Kotra Haveli

~ Heritage Hotels are among the best luxury hotels in Udaipur, along with The Leela Palace, Udaivillas by Oberoi, and Anantal.

~ Soham Haveli, Gangaur Palace, and Island Tower Guest House are among the best inexpensive hotels in Jaipur.



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