8 Things to Know Before Planning a Trip to Himachal Pradesh

8 Things to Know Before Planning a Trip to Himachal Pradesh
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Date : 14 Feb 2023

Traveling is an art and if you are an artist, you might already be aware that traveling to different places has varying needs. While a trekking excursion would require you to carry items like power bars and tents, a trip to the beaches will require swimsuits and sunscreen lotion. And this is not it - there is much more you should be aware of. 

In case you are planning a vacation in Himachal Pradesh but are not sure about the specifics, don’t worry. We have your back. In this blog, we will share eight things that you must know before planning a trip to the state. So let’s get right into the details, shall we?

1. Choose Homestays

While hotels in Himachal Pradesh may seem tempting, we recommend you choose homestays over hotels. Not only are they less expensive but they are also much more rewarding as compared to other kinds of stays. You get to interact with other travelers and locals living at the shared place. This means getting a glimpse of the local culture from the host. 

Not to mention, you can cook a meal at home, which further cuts down the expenses. In essence, a homestay remains true to its meaning - a home away from home. 

2. Purchase Items from Government-run Emporiums or Artisans

Himachal Pradesh has a rich heritage of handmade items. The state is home to several artisans skilled in metal crafts, woodwork, and weaving. May it be gifts for friends and family or souvenirs for yourself, buying items from local craftsmen and government-run emporiums is always a perfect idea. Unintentionally, you will also be encouraging their craft along with helping rural artists. 

3. Seek Permission Before Capturing Photos/Videos. 

One of the most important rules you should follow during your vacation in Himachal Pradesh is to seek permission when you capture photographs or record videos, especially at ceremonies or sacred places. The beauty and infrastructure of these destinations will make you want to capture it with your camera but asking for permission is a crucial step. This is because most places, like ancient monuments and temples, have prohibitions regarding the same. It can be an offense to click photos without prior consent. 

4. Suit Yourself for Bumpy Roads.

Himachal Pradesh is full of bumpy roads so during your ride, you should expect bumpy rides. The magnificent views will be worth the ride. What you should also know is that many roads here are considered to be among the most dangerous ones in the entire country. Nonetheless, if you are in for an adventure, these dramatic roads with boost your level of thrill. 

If you are driving your own vehicle, we recommend you check the conditions of the roads beforehand. This way, you will know what to expect and be aware of road blockages that are caused by landslides. 

5. Be Wary of the Local Culture

The local people of Himachal Pradesh are friendly and welcoming but are also protective of their culture. This is especially applicable to those living in the rural region. While it is good to interact with them and get to know their culture, you should be cautious while making acquaintance with them - make sure you do not show any kind of disrespect. 

6. Take Cash Along with You

This goes without saying but you must carry cash with you at all times. While famous places like Shimla and Manali have ATMs, several offbeat places do not. And since online modes of payment are rarely accepted here, it is best you carry enough cash with you to avoid any kind of inconvenience. 

In case you are a foreign national and plan to exchange currency, make sure you do it at a bank or an authorized foreign exchange outlet. This will help you prevent any kind of fraud or scam. Moreover, we recommend you ask for a receipt for the exchanged money. 

7. Carry a Pair of Trekking Shoes

Even if you do not have plans to trek during your vacation in Himachal Pradesh, it is advised you take at least a pair of trekking shoes with you. While there are several ways to travel around in the state, the best is to explore on foot. In fact, there are numerous places where a vehicle cannot reach. 

Not to mention, when you walk through the trails, you will get to immerse yourself in nature. The lush green forests and majestic mountains will make you want to go outdoors more often. Further, there are all kinds of trails, from easy ones to highly challenging ones, so you can seek the help of locals or a tourist guide to decide which path you’d like to take.

8. Plan The Time of the Year You Wish to Travel

Every season in Himachal Pradesh offers a different kind of experience to travelers. You can go river rafting in the monsoon and heli-skiing or skiing in winter. However, the state is famous as a summer destination. The peak season is from April to June since people often travel here to avoid the scorching heat in other parts of the country. Temperatures here during the summer range from 25 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius, which is quite delightful.

If you are somebody who wants to enjoy the view of snow-capped mountains, you should travel during winter. In January and February, several regions of the state experience snowfall. However, be sure to check the weather forecast well in advance because heavy snowfall has the capability of cancelling all your plans due to road blockage. 

Finally, visiting the state during the monsoon means getting to enjoy the scenic lush green mountains. Everything around is blooming, which is a refreshing experience. Nevertheless, it has its downside as well - you will have to carry an umbrella or raincoat everywhere you go. Also, there are high chances of landslides, which makes it risky.


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