Know all About Vacationing in Port Blair

Know all About Vacationing in Port Blair
Author : Andaman Travels
Date : 09 Oct 2020

Azure skies, cerulean waters and scattered sea-shells give way to a panorama illuminated by the glimmering sun. Palm trees are everywhere, and white sand dots the landscape – that’s when you know you have arrived in one of the most spectacular places on Earth. Andaman and Nicobar islands is a vacationer’s dream come true- There are 572 islands in the archipelago of which only 38 are permanently inhabited. Blessed with tropical jungles and picturesque white-sand beaches, each of these has a glorious coastline that allows you to enjoy picture-perfect sunsets, away from the crowd.

The beaches in Andaman and Nicobar Islands have garnered worldwide fame for their picturesque surroundings, turquoise waters, soft sands and lush greenery. A perfect setting to satisfy your beach craving, boasting of some of the most magnificent beaches like Radhanagar Beach and Elephant Beach that put this little island territory global map with their Shimmering blue waters and smooth sands.

While on your beach holiday, these locations can also help you ease your stress. And for the times when adventure kicks in- do take up water sports ranging from banana boat rides, snorkelling, scuba diving, parasailing, undersea walking to partaking in adrenaline water activities like jet skiing, speed boating and even riding on a seaplane. Collect sea-shells, and you might even get lucky and encounter the prettiest ones there are. You can go cruising, island hopping or even camping at the beach under a blanket of stars. 

Often topping the charts of best places to visit in the world, this is a perfect place for honeymooners, families, Bachelors and ( Solo travellers- No, we are not kidding! ) If you are on a hunt for beaches that are pristine, serene and are also maintained well- A beach tour in Andaman Island will truly build memories filled with lifelong images of fun times and unsurpassed experiences. 

The shimmering blue waters, velvety white sand, lovely cottages, huts and shacks, and exciting water sports activities together make these beaches in Andaman an experience worth cherishing in itself. There are several beaches on the various islands that are worth visiting. Some of them are popular amongst tourists and are always jam-packed while some are serene and secluded beaches, ideal for a private holiday with family and couples. We have also compiled a hand-picked list of the best beaches, to help you get the maximum out of your much-deserved vacation:

  • Beaches In Port Blair
  • Beaches In Havelock Island
  • Beaches In Neil Island
  • Beaches In Baratang
  • Beaches In Diglipur
  • Beaches In Long Island
  • Beaches In Rangat Island
  • Beaches In Mayabunder
  • Beaches In Little Andaman
  • Beaches In Ross Island

The city lights long endured can become monotonous and needless to say boring. In those times, a silent and peaceful day all to yourself can be a blessing in disguise. Once you pave your way to this magical destination, beautiful stories are waiting to sweep you off your feet. Share this with someone who is dreaming of vacation and give them new grounds to explore.


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