Best Places to Visit in Kashmir

Best Places to Visit in Kashmir
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Date : 24 Jan 2023

Surrounded by glimmering lakes and snow-capped mountains, Kashmir is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Divided into three areas, namely Ladakh, Jammu, and Kashmir, the state is commonly referred to as “India’s Kashmir” for its scenic beauty. So whether you are planning a trip with your partner, family, friends, or solo, this place has got a lot to offer.

In case you are wondering where you can visit during your vacation, think no more. In this blog, we have shared a list of ten places that one should definitely not miss during their stay in Kashmir. So, are you ready to find out? Let’s go!

1. Gulmarg - The Meadow of Flowers

The view of flamboyant flowers against snow-clad mountains is what you are signing yourself up for when you visit Gulmarg. Moreover, if you wish to ski during your trip to the state, this is the perfect place. In fact, people call it the adventurer’s paradise for the same reason. Apart from this, you can also take the Gondola ride, which will take you through valleys and hills covered in clouds and mist - a scene you cannot miss.

2. Srinagar - Kashmir’s Soul

Among the most popular holiday destinations in Kashmir, Srinagar has got a lot to offer. One can go water skiing, bird watching, trekking, and boating. As a matter of fact, the Shikara rides in Srinagar are highly famous. And you can also stay in a boathouse at Dal Lake to get the proper vibe of the city. After all, the lake is Srinagar’s gem.

3. Sonmarg - Meadow of Gold

Situated at an altitude of 2730 meters, Sonmarg has flowy trekking routes and a never-ending stream of vibrant flowers. The panoramic views, relaxing nature walks, soothing mountain lakes, lush meadows, and glaciers will take your breath away. You will also get to witness the Sindh River that flows through the place.

4. Yusmarg - Enjoy the Peace

Far from the world of chaos and crowd, Yusmarg is the perfect place to enjoy calmness and tranquillity. The emerald meadow, snow-covered mountains, deep forests, grassy pastures, and Sufi shrines are a few things you will never forget after visiting Yusmarg. Also, if you are unable to plan skiing in Gulmarg, this is where you should fulfill your wish. And if you are much of a trekker, you can consider going to Sang-e-Safed and Kuti Tata. The Nilang Lake is ideal for a picnic spot as well.

5. Pahalgam - Breathtaking Views

Located at an altitude of 2740 meters, Pahalgam is considered to be a picture of paradise on the planet. Less than 100 km away from Srinagar, the place is surrounded by meadows of flowers, gorgeous lakes, beautiful valleys, mesmerizing trekking trails, and lush green forests. Needless to say, Pahalgam has some of the most stunning picnic spots in Kashmir, which makes it ideal for family vacations. Earlier, Pahalgam used to be a village of shepherds.

6. Betaab Valley - The Serene Land

If you are here in Kashmir with your partner, Betaab Valley is perfect for spending some romantic, quality time. Soothing streams, snow-covered mountains, and lush green grass are what will leave you mesmerized. Moreover, you can also go trekking and camping.

7. Pulwama - Apple Orchards and Nature Streams

What can be more stunning than blissful nature streams, alluring valleys, enchanting waterfalls, beautiful orchards, delightful weather, and picturesque saffron fields? Whether you are here with your family or on a honeymoon, Pulwama has got a lot to offer. If you visit Kashmir during summer, trekking and camping are the perfect activities for excitement and thrill. On the other hand, you may consider skiing and snowboarding during winter.

8. Warwan Valley - Spectacular River Deltas

If you wish to step into a world of serenity, Warwan Valley is where you should go. Merely a three-hour drive from Anantnag District, the valley is located about 150 km from the capital. Crystal waters from gorgeous waterfalls, stunning cedar trees, exquisite forests, and soul appealing beauty of Warwan river, and Kanital Glacier are some of the things that will leave you amazed.

The Warwan Valley is also a common place for trekking, majorly due to the visually attractive greenery, glaciers, wildflower meadows, and astonishing river deltas. However, we recommend you go trekking only if you are physically fit since the trails can be long and tiresome.

9. Daksum - Step Away from the World of Chaos

The perfect place for some refreshing time away from the world of chaos, Daksum is home to some of the most beautiful picnic spots. Moreover, if you are an artist, the picturesque scenery of the place will make you want to paint. And if you are an adventure lover, the mountains and picnic spots are ideal. The gorgeous wooden slopes, trout fishing, trekking and camping opportunities, natural springs, lush meadows, and dark coniferous forests will make you want to stay here longer. So irrespective of whom you are travelling with, Daksum is a must-add to the Kashmir tour itinerary.

10. Sinthan Top - Ideal for Panoramic Views

Located between Kishtwar and Breng Valley of South Kashmir is the beautiful mountain top called Sinthan Top. The place offers a stunning 360-degree panoramic view of the entire state. In fact, the place is located at such a high altitude that it is covered in snow all year round. This means you can experience the pleasure of snowcapped mountains even during the summer season.

The Sinthan Maidan is a fantastic destination for families due to the wide variety of activities it offers. One can go paragliding, horse-riding, skiing, mountaineering, and even trekking here.

The Final Verdict

Planning a trip to Kashmir can be greatly overwhelming, especially while deciding on the itinerary. The state is full of so many beautiful valleys and cities. This is why we curated a list of the 10 best places to visit during your vacation. Whether it is the lovely meadows of Gulmarg or the gorgeous natural streams of Pulwama, some places can just not be missed.


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