Game Fishing Trip to Barren Island

Game Fishing Trip to Barren Island
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Date : 20 Apr 2023

Game Fishing Trip to Barren Island

Be it scuba diving in some of the most exotic places on earth or exploring brilliantly beautiful beaches, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands have it all and more. This is one vacation destination where there’s never a dull moment. Whether you want to relax on the many beaches scattered around the archipelago or go for a sailing trip, you can switch your vacation mode any time your want. If you are up for an adventure, then going on a game fishing trip to Barren Island will suit your well. Don’t worry, if you haven’t even touched a fishing rod earlier. Your good guides will help you catch the best catch in the angling world. 

What is game fishing?

You might wonder what the word ‘game’ add to a fishing experience on Barren Island. Well, game fishing is a type of fishing sport where anglers go deep into the open sea to catch giant and strong fish as trophies. It is also called Bluewater fishing as it happens only in the open blue sea where the possibility of finding giant fish is high. Game fishing is a very popular sport around the world, especially, in places close to the sea. Anglers from across the world compete to catch the strongest and biggest fish that they can handle with a fishing rod. 

Game fishing in the Andamans

Barren Island is an excellent place to go for game fishing. The location of the island is remote and free from a lot of human activity as it is uninhabited. Except for a few feral goats, rodents, and pigeons, nothing can live sustainably on the island. But the lack of activity around the island also means that it attracts diverse and big groups of fish from different parts of the sea. You’ll find many varieties of marlins and tunas swimming around the island. There are also many Dorado fish and sailfish. 

Again, since the island is remote, not many people go fishing near Barren Island; hence, it is less crowded, unlike many other fishing spots around the Andamans. This means there is a greater possibility of your catching fish here than in many places. Also, the density of fish in Barren Island is high, so that will keep you busy for a long time. 

If you charter a boat to go for a game fishing trip to Barren Island, you’ll be accompanied by a local guide. So, even if you have never fished before, your guide will help you with all the details. Since it is Barren Island, you are guaranteed to catch a fish even if it is your first time. 

How to take a game fishing trip to Barren Island 

Since Barren Island is located far away from the main island of the Andamans, most people think that the journey to the island will be very difficult. That’s not true at all. You can easily hire a boat charter to Barren Island; although, the boats are only available from either Port Blair or Havelock Island. You should, however, keep an entire day aside for your journey. This is because the entire trip could take around 10-11 hours. From Port Blair, a game fishing trip to Barren Island could take you 3-4 hours. From Havelock Island, the distance is covered within 3 hours. 

Also, no matter where you book your charter boat, if you want to go fishing in Barren Island, you’d have to start very early in the morning, even before sunrise. This is so that you can come back on time as well. The journey promises to be incredible, of course. Imagine watching the mesmerising glow of the first rays of the Sun from somewhere in the middle of the sea. It can’t get better than this.

Cost of taking a charter fishing trip to Barren Island

Since you can’t get any regular ferries on your game fishing trip to Barren Island, your only option is to book a boat. If you were to book an entire boat, you’d have to pay around INR 130,000. This is for hiring the boat and the staff for the entire day. It also includes all meals and fishing gear for your fishing trip. A boat accommodates up to 8 people not counting the staff, so it would be good for you to travel with a large group. Some places also let you book individual seats on a charter boat. You’d have to pay around INR 25000-30000 for booking such seats. 

Apart from the cost of getting a boat charter to Barren Island, you’d also have to pay for a tourist permit. If you are not a citizen of India, you’d have to pay around INR 3500 for the permit. Indian nationals may have to pay around INR 1000. 

Other fun activities on Barren Island

Game fishing is very famous on Barren Island, but your list of fun activities need not stop at that. Apart from fishing, you can also do snorkelling in Barren Island. Many people who go for a game fishing trip to Barren Island may also end up snorkelling near the island. You can get a guide with the chartered boat to help you snorkel. Snorkelling is not very difficult compared to scuba diving. You don’t even have to be a swimmer to be able to snorkel. Your snorkelling suit and equipment will keep you afloat on the surface of the water while you explore the stunning underwater world. 

If you are an advanced-level diver, you can also scuba dive in Barren Island. The marine ecosystem near Barren Island is, at the least, thrilling. Imagine seeing reef sharks and manta rays circling the water above you as you navigate your way through the blackened sand banks and complex ridges covered with thickets of both soft and hard corals.

When should you take a game fishing trip to Barren Island? 

November to February is the period to take a trip to the Andamans and hence Barren Island. You can experience amazing weather during this time. The chances of your plans getting cancelled are also very low as there are hardly any sudden downpours around this time. You can also explore the island during late October, March and early April. Try to avoid going to the Andamans during the monsoons as the archipelago experiences heavy rains and storms during this time. 


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