Charter Boat to Barren Island

Charter Boat to Barren Island
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Date : 20 Apr 2023

Charter Boat to Barren Island

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the Andamans? Is it white sandy beaches or beautiful palm trees? Do you ever think of a volcano? If not then you should. This is because the Andamans is home to the only volcano in India: Barren Island. To make things interesting, the island is also the only active volcano in South Asia. 

Taking a charter boat to Barren Island has become one of the most adventurous things to do in the Andamans in recent years. A gorgeous caldera and rich marine life make Barren Island an amazing destination to explore, especially, if you want to enjoy activities like game fishing, scuba diving, and snorkelling.

Take a fun charter boat trip to Barren Island

How many times have you wanted to sail a boat after seeing one in a movie? The movies sure make it exciting: white clothes, a white boat, and a never-ending deep blue sea. You don’t have to go to a remote location in the world to enjoy that. Taking a charter boat to Barren Island will ensure the same experience for you. Boat charters to Barren Island are a mix of luxury, adventure, and lots of fun. Sip on a cool beverage and let the sea wind up in front of you while you make your way to a majestic volcano. 

Some cruise services take you near Barren Island. However, Barren Island is known for many fun water activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, and fishing. If you want to engage in any of these activities, you’d have to take a private charter boat to Barren Island. 

How to take a charter boat to Barren Island

Charter boats are boats for hire. You can hire an entire charter boat or, in some cases, book as an individual for a seat in a boat. They help make long journeys deep into the sea. Barren Island is a remote island that is located far away from the main inhabited islands of the Andamans. As such, you can’t take regular passenger ferries to the island. You can only take a charter boat to Barren Island.

Port Blair and Havelock Island are two places from where charter boats can be booked. The journey from Port Blair can take around 3-4 hours as Barren Island is around 140 km away from the capital. To save that time, many people prefer to visit Barren Island from Havelock Island. Barren Island is around 100 km away from Havelock, and the distance is usually covered in 2-3 hours. In any case, make sure that you leave an entire day aside for your Barren Island tour. 

The entire trip may take you around 10-12 hours including the activities. Most boats to Barren Island leave very early in the morning to save time and also to ensure that you reach the island on time for fishing, snorkelling, and scuba diving, which are the three most popular activities in Barren Island. 

Cost of taking a charter boat to Barren Island

The cost of taking a boat charter to Barren Island can be a bit expensive. But that can sometimes depend on you. An entire charter boat to Barren Island can be booked at INR 130,000 to INR 150,000. But a boat accommodates at least 8 people. This means that it is better to travel in a large group so that the cost is broken up. Some places also allow you to book individual seats at around INR 25000. 

The cost of booking a Barren Island tour includes all facilities you may need during the trip including meals. You’ll also get a guide and gear for fishing, snorkelling, or scuba diving. 

Note that you’ll also have to get a permit to visit Barren Island and engage in any activity around the volcano. The cost of the tourist permit is INR 1000 for Indian nationals and INR 3500 for foreign nationals. 

Top things to do at Barren Island

Your trip to Barren Island will not be just about watching the caldera of the volcano. Most people take charter boats to Barren Island to enjoy many adventurous activities like fishing, snorkelling, and scuba diving. 

If you are visiting the Andamans, you should try fishing in Barren Island. The island is famous for game fishing and attracts anglers from around the world thanks to the giant marlins and tunas that swim around it. It is okay if you haven’t tried fishing before; Barren Island is the perfect place to start your game fishing journey. 

You can also try snorkelling in Barren Island. You don’t have to know how to swim to snorkel and you’ll get snorkelling gear as part of your charter boat package. An instructor will also be around to guide you through the water and witness the thriving marine life underwater. 

If you are an experienced diver with advanced certification, you can even try scuba diving in Barren Island. 

Charter Boat to Barren Island: FAQ

  1. What is the best time to travel to Barren Island?

    Answer: The best time to take a trip to Barren Island is between November to February. October, March, and even early April also work; although, the weather will not be as pleasant as in the peak months. 

  2. How to travel to Barren Island?

     Answer: The only way to travel to Barren Island is by chartering a boat. This is especially true if you want to engage in any activity near Barren Island. Some cruises go near Barren Island, but you cannot do any activity in that case. 

  3. Will I be allowed to stay at Barren Island Volcano? 

    Answer: Tourists are not allowed to step into or live on Barren Island. Barren Island is a volcanic island. As such, it is uninhabited. Some feral goats, rodents, bats, and pigeons are the only inhabitants of the island as the living condition is not suitable for humans. 

  4. What is the cost of taking a charter boat to Barren Island? 

    Answer: The cost of booking a charter boat to Barren Island is around INR 130,000 to 150,000. You can sometimes also book individual seats on a boat that might cost you around INR 25000. Also, you’ll have to pay an additional cost for a permit to visit the island. The price is INR 1000 for Indian nationals and INR 3500 for foreign nationals. 

  5. Where do charter boats to Barren Island start?

    Answer: You can get a boat charter to Barren Island from eitherPort Blair or Havelock Island. Most people prefer to make the trip from Havelock Island. 


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