Under water wedding in Andaman Islands

Under water wedding in Andaman Islands

  • Underwater wedding in Andaman Island:

    Imagine taking your vows underwater with your love in a serene and colorful marine environment! It is undeniably romantic if you and your partner love scuba diving and some thrill, as much as you do one another then, why not say “I do” with more bubbles than Champagne. The most important advantages of an underwater wedding are, the beautiful turquoise scenery and marine life will create a strikingly beautiful backdrop for your ceremony. So you don’t have to hire a decorate Mother Nature has it all! 

    If you opt for a wedding with a difference then, Andaman Island is the gorgeous place for you. This archipelago in the Bay of Bengal between India and Myanmar has some most spectacular Islands in the country. Hence the unique way of getting hitched has become popular in Andaman Island and has continued to increase for many years. 

  • What does an Under Water scuba wedding entails?

    Underwater wedding is one of the wildest concept known to mankind. This unique concept of getting hitched is perfect for couples who seek something unique and memorable. If your other half also loves diving or is an adventure junkie just like you then, getting married underwater is a great option to celebrate your special connection. 

    The idea of an underwater wedding ensures uniqueness of your big day. Rather than having an identikit ceremony that will obscure with uncountable similarities in the memories of your family and friends, yours makes certain to stand apart from that group. It will be something that your friends and families will talk about for the years to come. Also, this is going to be the best story to tell your kids during bedtime. 

  • Unlike normal weddings, in the underwater wedding, you can concentrate on the incredible feeling of pledging the rest of your life to the one you love restricting the unnecessary paraphernalia of normal wedding. If you want an intimate wedding with limited guests of family and friends who know to dive then underwater wedding gives you all that you want.

    Make sure you get a mask and scuba unit that fits perfectly as you have to wear it underwater. Also, a few scuba diving lessons are vital for those couples who don’t know to dive so they can be comfortable underwater for their big event.

  • Underwater wedding ceremony

    Getting married is an everlasting promise of love but exchanging vows is the most romantic thing you will do. You can experience the magical feeling of saying “I do” to each other even in an underwater wedding. But it’s really impossible to hear your loved one’s vows underwater. Therefore customized underwater dive slates are made decorated with flowers, and it’s all yours as a token of your day. One of these slates will say “I do” printed in a calligraphy font, making it suitable for framing. In case if you love to hear your loved one say “I do” then there are many methods to do so. Either you can use underwater helmets with an audio system or full face mask with com units.

  • Next comes exchanging of wedding rings a tender moment to evoke all the felling inside you. The first kiss, reading of the vows, exchanging of the wedding rings, everything is possible in an underwater scuba wedding. What could be more priceless! When those emotions are captured unfiltered in a camera. Yes, photography! It is possible to have a photo session underwater who can capture the magical moments of promising your loved ones to spend the rest of your life with him/her. 

    Make sure the weather is all perfect or else your underwater ceremony will be postponed or even cancelled on the day. After the underwater ceremony, you can enjoy the reception with your guests. Of course, in dry clothes! 

  • The best location for an underwater wedding 

    Havelock Island is the best location to say “I do” which can take you one step closer to live your fantasy. This Island is known for its beautiful sandy beaches and vibrant corals. The underwater wedding at Havelock Island makes your “till death do us apart” moment extra special.

    If snorkeling, diving and other water activities are a way of life in Andaman Island. So if you and your fiancé love water then, you can’t pass up the chance of tying the knot underneath the ocean. There are diving companies specialized in underwater weddings moreover there’s no better backdrop than the coral reefs, florescent colored marine life, and other underwater beauty Andaman. Havelock Island Beach Resort at Havelock Island has the most luxurious and beautiful private beach which anchors the destination beach weddings & underwater weddings below the sea in the Andaman Islands at Havelock Island ( Swaraj Dweep ). Your underwater ceremony will be helmed by the best professional divers, and a priest to accompany you and your guests underwater. Once you grasp your breath above water, you can host a reception in the stunning gardens or pools and bars of Havelock Island Beach Resort. 

  • Most effective methods to have an underwater wedding

    Once you have chosen your location at Havelock Island, look for the inhouse dive center at Havelock Island Beach Resort, who are experienced and both willing and able to help you with the wedding ceremony. One of the daunting aspects of an underwater wedding is about the complexities of making all the required arrangements. Hence they can guide you as any other wedding planner would do. Havelock Island Beach Resort has cottoned on to the underwater wedding trend, offering packages to take away the stress of planning the details of the ceremony. So, why travel overseas for this wildest wedding ceremony? When you have the best location and resort in your backyard. In case, if you are a foreigner make sure to take care of the legalities required to make your wedding official. You will need to look for an officiator who knows to dive, marriage license, and an underwater photographer who can capture the moment of prosperity. 

  • Can I take my whole family underwater?

    Don’t stress yourself thinking, how you are going to get your grandparents to attend your wedding ceremony? You don’t have to worry here, as it is not needed for your guests to get into the water unless they are interested. It is done in such a way that all your guests are at the reception venue, which is aboard the dive boat. From that point, they can watch your underwater scuba wedding on a live video feed. The best part is that your guests can hear the ceremony and the exchange of vows depending on the technology you choose. Make sure to hire a boat that is big enough to accommodate all your guests. Therefore it’s better to have a limited number of guests invited.

     When you have a stunning location and a lot of activities centered around the beautiful beach then, what are you waiting for? Have a fuss-free underwater marriage ceremony at Andaman with your family and friends.