Speed boat rides and jet ski ride

Speed boat rides and jet ski ride

Play with the current while you ride in Speed Boat and Jet Ski at Neil Island Famous for its sunrise, sunset, rich marine life, landscape, flora and beaches, Neil Island (ShaheedDweep) at Andaman and Nicobar group of islands isn’t behind in water sports too. You name a water sport, and you will find it here. Be it scuba diving, snorkelling or boat rides, the island has got you covered with the water sports of your choice. There are a couple of boat rides that can be enjoyed solo or with a group of people. If you choose to go to for something thrilling that can make your heart beat faster than ever, Jet Ski and speed boat rides are the most adventurous boat rides to lock slots for.

At Andaman Island, tickets booked well in advance always save you from disappointment. The tourist influx between October to May never leave the slots open for you if you don’t plan days before your ride. Make way to Andaman Island, to enjoy the most adventurous boat rides of your life.

Speed Boat

If you go by the name, you won’t be deceived. The speed boat ride is one of the fastest boat rides that you can enjoy with a bunch of people. If you are with a group who isn’t reluctant to experience a water sport activity and loves speed then, Speed boat is your kind of sport. You will love how the ride continuously excites you while the boat traverses the waves, splashes through the water, the wind blows through your hair and yet you feel safe.
The speed boat ride is a sport where you will travel against and with the current, at high speed. Since the boat ride has a lot to do with speed and current, the weather has a crucial part to play. Before you book your tickets, make sure to check the weather forecast and avoid if the clouds aren’t in favour and when downpour.

Jet Ski

Speed is synonymous to Jet Ski and if you are someone who yearns for it then get on a Jet Ski to have fun while it leaps over waves. Getting on a jet-powered water scooter is much more fun than seeing it from far. Riding a jet ski along the coast with the wind hitting straight on your face and water splashing all around is an ultimate experience every adventurer seeks for. A certified instructor always by your side, it is a safe high-speed boat ride to enjoy alone. Unlike Speed boat, Jet Ski only is a two-seater which only allows an adventure enthusiast and an instructor. If you are a confident and certified Jet Ski rider, then only you will be allowed to take this trip all alone.

If you are enthusiastic about the thrill, then a ticket to Jet Ski is not that difficult to reserve as the ride comes with no age-barrier. If you are lucky, you will also get to spot dolphins and some other marine creatures, including some reefs along the way.

Like any other water sports activity, you will be provided with life jackets and will be accompanied by an experienced operator in the speed boat and Jet Ski too. For you to have a joy ride, your safety is given utmost importance at Andaman Island. The water sports activities start around 8:00 am, so head over to your location to soak up in the beach vibe and feel pumped up before your slot.

If you plan your visit to Neil Island and wish to indulge in water sports activity, we at the Andaman Islands Travels Pvt.Ltd. are at your service to help you with bookings.