Sofa Boat Ride in Andaman

Sofa Boat Ride in Andaman

Sofa Ride is one of the leading casual water sports that you might experience in Andaman. The ride could also be a balanced trip of thrill and fun, with just the right number of splashes that makes it a fun venture for families. Zooming across the clear blue waters on the very best of an inflatable sofa boat could also be a fun and thrilling experience. If you’re unaware of this ride, then this is often a ride where you’ll be sitting on an inflatable sofa boat and can be pulled behind the jet skis. It is a particularly thrilling aquatics because the strong waves come thrashing over your heads. Yes, this ride is entirely safe, to soothe your apprehensive nerves.

A Sofa Boat is an unpowered, inflatable recreational boat, shaped like a settee and is tied behind a speed boat to understand the rush. Sofa Ride could also be an excellent fun experience for family and friends and is completely safe. While soaring round the sea on an inflatable sofa, certainly sounds like an exciting idea, the best part about this activity is that children and adults of all ages can easily enjoy it with no fear. Combined with an educator, experienced rider, life jackets and helmets, the sofa ride is a safe activity for everyone.


  • The entire trip starts from the shore/jetty, where you’ll tend special instructions about the dos and don’ts during your sofa ride. Life jackets and helmets are going to be provided by the trainer for your safety. Then you will be asked to board the sofa, and an educator will assist you to urge in position and fasten the belts, securing you within the sofa.
  • The entire activity duration is 10 minutes,
  • No swimming skills needed for this activity,
  • Don’t remove the belts once you’re within the water,
  • Choose your vendor carefully to make sure safety.
  • Age regulation is 12 or above and 60 or below.
  • Just in case of inclemency, the trip is cancelled, and a refund is provided.
  • All instructors are experienced and authorized to be genuine to make sure your safety, lifeguards and boats are always present nearby to assist just in case of an emergency.


Andamans, with its clear blue water and delightful coastlines, offers a spectacular opportunity to point out while zooming on the calm waters and feeling the wind. This ride will assist you to show your speeding dreams into reality. Just mount a settee for an invigorating experience on the seas!

Where in Andamans

Water Sports Complex in Port Blair

The Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex is one among the only places for casual water sports and is the simplest place for experiencing sofa rides in Andaman. The sofa ride trip here takes you from the jetty to the open seas in between Port Blair and Ross Island so you’ll experience the thrill. The water here has just the proper amount of waves for nice jumps and splashes, making it a memorable experience for everybody. Reach the water sports complex within the evening from 3 PM to 5 PM to enjoy this activity during your vacation.

Elephant Beach in Havelock Island

Elephant Beach is the hub of all water sports in Andaman, hence it’s natural that the sofa ride is out there here too. The ride at elephant beach takes you from the shore to open seas in around 400 meters range and allows you to ride the wave round the shore with large waves perfect for huge lifts and splashes.