Snorkeling in Neil Island

Snorkeling in Neil Island

Indulge in some water sport and what better than snorkeling in Neil Island (ShaheedDweep)

Stepping into the ocean can be a daunting task, especially when it is your first attempt. But with snorkelling, it gets a little easier. Unlike scuba diving, snorkelling lets you stay at the surface of the ocean to explore the gems hidden underneath the pristine blue waters.

Once you get into the research zone to figure out your next adventure sports destination, Andaman and Nicobar Island will be one of the first options to pop up on your screen. Andaman and Nicobar group of Islands is not the only abode of serene and untouched beaches but also hosts a vibrant coral ecosystem in and around water. All the islands in archipelago boast colorful coral reefs and rich marine life making the Andaman and Nicobar Islands one of the best destinations across the globe for underwater adventures.

Away from all the hustle-bustle of tourist destinations, at Neil Island (ShaheedDweep), Bharatpur beach is the ultimate destination for all the water sports activities. Snorkeling is one such adventure sport that doesn’t have any age barrier. Anyone who wishes to meet the world a couple of metres below the sea surface can give snorkeling an attempt. If one wishes to get more adventurous, then a dive for a brief period under the guidance of an instructor can allow them to see more corals and magnificent shoal of fish.

To explore the exquisite marine world that boasts of vivid corals and aquatic animals through snorkeling, you will only need a mask and snorkel. The instructors head to the beach at 8:00 am to continue the adventures session for the next few hours. Usually, the snorkeling session lasts for 30 minutes and for that you have to make your booking days before you reach the island.

After you feel a little comfortable with water, try to relax without taking too much stress about everything around you. You are not here to conquer the world but live some wonderful moments before you head back to the hectic life. Snorkeling is like a peace therapy, and you need to calm yourself down. Look around, breathe slowly and feel alive while fish swim past you. The beaches of Neil Island are undoubtedly the most wonderful sights, but the real treasures lie a few feet below the surface and, you shouldn’t miss taking a dip.