Semi Submarine in Andaman

Semi Submarine in Andaman

Coral Safari

The marine life of Andamans and its coral reefs are a well-known tourist attraction, bringing in scores of people from India and all over the world over the world come to see. Coral Safari is a beautiful submarine tour to explore coral beauty. The deep and calm waters of the Andaman is a perfect spot for coral exploration. The standstill gesture of the dramatic corals can leave you mesmerized. It can be done amidst the crystal-clear waters in an air-conditioned cabin, feasting your eyes on some of the most beautiful fishes and exotic marine life.


  • One should not scream while observing life under the sea. To enjoy nature at peace, you must avoid overcrowded submarines.
  • Seats allotted at first cum first serve basis.
  • Start your journey from Port Blair to North Bay Island to enjoy the safari.
  • The timing for coral safari is from 6:30 AM- 08:30 AM and 8:30 AM- 10:30 AM.


When you get to see the underwater species through a large glass, it becomes the memorable experience of your life. People from all age groups can witness coral safari without any fear. You get to know a lot of information about corals and their instinctive behaviours. The sea marvels excite you with their colourful skin and print. Enjoying the corals from close intervals is an experience you do not want to miss out. Safari is an experience that you can share with your entire family and make it more memorable!

Where in Andamans

Coral Safari at North Bay Island – The safari has a fascinating visual representation for days to remember. You get to dip into the ocean floor to view sights of sea life. Few reefs are there which you can approach at a certain water level. You must not miss the chance of exploring the seafloor from such a close quarter. You can enjoy 1 to 1.5 hours of the tour on a semi-submarine. The semi-submarine is a boat with a huge glass to give you a sneak peek of the marine world. The visitors are requested to arrive at a given time slot on the beach. The semi-submarine is designed by the Subsea system of the USA with enough safety features to make it sink proof. The glass windows are inclined at 45 degrees to provide you with the best marine view. You can enjoy rarest fishes, sea turtles, corals and more.

Never say no to Andaman Coral Safari!

  • You get to go underwater with your entire family. Everyone from children to elderly can share this experience.
  • It is different from a Sea World experience because you get to see exotic fishes in their natural habitat.
  • You get a view of the depths which you may not be able to without certified scuba lessons You will be in a submarine adventure (or a semi-submarine)!
  • If you have a medical condition that has kept you away from viewing the treasures of the sea first hand, this is perfect for you!