Pre-Wedding Beach Party in Andaman Islands

Pre-Wedding Beach Party in Andaman Islands

  • A pre-wedding party, celebrated before the D-Day, is one of the most exciting and fun-filled day for any couple. They need to loosen up a little bit before tying the wedding knot. They deserve to enjoy their bachelorhood one more time before saying “I do”. They deserve to take pleasure in their favorite drink and dance like there is no tomorrow before getting married. For all this, a pre-wedding party is a must and that too at a beach where you can make the most of your time!

    There are several reasons why you should throw your pre-wedding party at a beach, preferably in the Andaman Islands because it has the best beaches in India. Imagine the gentle waves hitting the shore, the scent of salt in the air, the hues of a sunset brightening your cheeks. If you want to have an awesome time with your buddies before your wedding, then the perfect setting is definitely a beach. Read on to know why a beach party is all you need.

  • A beachside pre-wedding party is chic and high on energy. You can also make it a theme party if you want or keep it completely freestyle. A pre-wedding beach party is an excuse for everyone to do what their heart says.

    Also, you get to save so much money on decorating the venue. You don’t need any grand decorations when you have access to the natural splendor of the beach. Without burning a hole in your pocket, a pre-wedding beach party promises you the charisma of the white sands, the green palm trees, and the azure ocean. It is the perfect backdrop for your celebrations.

    With couples in the limelight, a beachside party takes care of the lovebirds by providing them with the most romantic setting they can imagine. You can begin your new happy married life by having a gala time together at this party that has the ocean in the background, delightful sea breeze, and the sunlight beaming off the ocean waves. Isn’t all this magical? Just hold their hand and go for an evening stroll, appreciating the gorgeousness of the most beautiful sunset you have ever witnessed. That would definitely be romantic beyond your thoughts.

  • Along with you, all your friends and family members coming from different parts of India to attend your pre-wedding party in the Andaman Islands will thank you for giving them such a fabulous revelry. It would be a kind of vacation for them. So many of your guests would love to spend their time exploring this little piece of heaven, before or after your celebrations. Since everybody knows that the island is the hub of diverse water sports, they would have the opportunity of going for scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, kayaking, paddleboard, and many more. They will have a good time visiting countless natural attractions. Therefore, it would be absolutely correct to say that along with you, your guests are going to love your celebrations as well. It would be a memorable event for them as well.

  • If you choose to throw your pre-wedding beach party at a fancy resort in the Andaman Islands, then all the arrangements will be taken care of its staff and it will completely be a hassle-free event for you. When it comes to a beachfront property, then one of the best resorts is Havelock Island Beach Resort located in the most beautiful union territory of India. The experienced staff of this luxurious resort will help you with all the specific details you wish to have.

  • You just focus on having a blast! Handover your requirements to the resort’s planners, who are committed to make sure that you get complete worth for your money. Whether you want to have the party by the beachside or by its huge pool, you can have anything. Moreover, if you and your guests are also willing to try any water adventure activity to get that adrenaline rush, then the arrangements for the same can also be made. A pre-wedding beach party is something that you are going to remember always. Thus, you deserve nothing but the best. You need more than just a usual experience!

    Since you have made you mind to throw your pre-wedding beach party in the Andaman Islands, you should know that you don’t have to worry about renting the venue, hiring a catering service, searching for a good photographer, a florist, a DJ, a delicious cake, tables, chairs, etc. Havelock Island Beach Resort will offer you packages that are inclusive of everything. Fitting all your requirements, its skillful team organises parties the memories of which are etched in everyone’s heart. The planners will do everything keeping one thing in mind- to fulfill all your wishes. You along with all your near and dear ones are sure to enjoy a vacation of excitement and adventure together in such an exclusive party.

  • The best part of travelling all the way to the Andaman Islands is that you can have your pre-wedding party, wedding celebrations and honeymoon at the same destination. After your bachelor party, you can book the same venue for your wedding ceremony and honeymoon. Havelock Island (now known as Swaraj Dweep) is home to some of the most exquisite attractions on the whole island which are visited by tourists from all over the world. Imagine having your pre and post-wedding ceremonies in a dreamy and carefree natural setting by the beach shore on this lovely island. Visualize having the most romantic photographs clicked with your lover in front of a turquoise beach with white sand. Swooning over such a wonderful wedding experience is obvious!

    If you have made up your mind to have the most memorable wedding celebrations anywhere in the Andaman Islands, then trust Andaman Island Travels to take care of all the arrangements. Contact them to get the best packages at the most affordable prices.