Marriage Reception Beach Party in Andaman Islands

Marriage Reception Beach Party in Andaman Islands

  • A marriage reception beach party is possibly the most romantic and fun-filled of all the reception parties, and Andaman Islands offer you the perfect setting for that. Coconut palm beaches, rocky shores, white sands, turquoise waters, salty cool breeze, and a lot more- this Indian union territory has everything that your heart desires. Having your reception party here is something that all your near and dear ones will also remember for the rest of their lives.

    We all know that marriages are made in heaven, so why not actually make it one? Everything the bride and groom want is a dream ceremony where their close ones can enjoy and they should also be able to have the time of their lives. That’s why the idea of having a marriage reception beach party in Andaman Islands is the best.

  • Having a marriage reception beach party also lets you save a lot of money on grand decorations. The natural splendor of the beach is itself the decoration. Simple becomes exceptionally striking at such a celebration. The white sands, the green palm trees, and the azure ocean provide the perfect background setting to your beach party. And the best part is that it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

    These islands are the perfect destination for your dreamy reception party if you want a peaceful and low-key celebration, away from all the noise. Begin a new chapter of your life amidst the clear waters of the Bay of Bengal, golden sand beaches, and soothing and pleasing weather. The beautiful resorts here will plan your ceremony in accordance with your requirements. All the arrangements including decorators, caterers, or florists, will be taken care of in the best way possible.

  • Which beach to choose for marriage reception party in Andaman Islands?

    We know that you want nothing but the best for your reception party as this would be one of the most important days of your life. Therefore, choosing the right venue is crucial. In India, the most stunning beaches are found in Andaman Islands. The topmost locations include Havelock Island, Neil Island, Port Blair, etc. Among these, Havelock Island is popular throughout the world for its serene beaches. After your marriage, having a reception party at the seashore of one of the gorgeous beaches would be the most awesome way to enjoy the celebrations. The cool breeze touching your face while you take a romantic stroll with your significant other is all the relaxation you need.

    Couples choose a beach reception party above anything else because it is the most romantic setting. You and your significant other will commence your happy life together with the ocean in the background, delightful sea breeze, and the sunlight beaming off the ocean waves.

  • Such a miraculous setting! Spend your evening strolling along the shore, holding hands, watching the moon and stars in the sky. That would be dreamy beyond your thoughts for sure.

    The best beaches in Havelock Island include Radhanagar Beach, Elephant Beach and Kalapathar Beach. Having a party here will be a lifetime of magic for the couple!

    The best place for having reception party in Andaman Islands

    Along with various decisions regarding invitations, guest list, menu, décor, outfits, gifts, etc., the most crucial decision is to finalise the place where you want to have this wonderful celebration. It’s quite a herculean task to pick up the best location for hosting one of the best parties of your entire life. But let’s just picturise this:

  • You and your sweetheart standing in front of a deep sea, the sound of waves calming your heart, the soft, silky sands under your feet, you can feel the breeze on your face, the backdrop right out of a fairytale, the surrounding lush green trees further enhancing the splendor of the whole place. And in midst of all this, you both express your eternal love for each other. Well, this is something that you can actually have in your life- a beach reception party.

    You need to choose the best beachfront property for your wedding reception party, the one that should give you complete value to your money as well. So what should be the venue?

    Havelock Island Beach Resort is among the best places for hosting wedding ceremonies. It is quite a popular property in Andaman Islands. The beachfront resort is the one-stop destination for all kinds of celebrations.

  • The location is perfect, the food is amazing, the decorations are lovely, and the music is melodious! In short, the resort has everything that you desire to make your party a big hit. Especially, candlelight dinner arrangements for you and your guests is something that will take your breath away.

    Moreover, even if you book it a few months in advance, the off-season (May to September) tariff rates would be considerably low. But during this time, the weather may be stormy because of the monsoon season. Thus, picking a date between January and March or October and December is recommended.

    The resort will also take care of airport and ferry transfers of all your guests. It will make sure that all your near and dear ones have a comfortable journey. If you want to make a booking there or anywhere else in the Andaman Islands, then contact Andaman Island Travels to make all the arrangements for you.

  • A unique party is more talked about than a grand one. Any celebration that is different and enjoyable is remembered by the couples as well as their guests. Arranging a memorable wedding reception away from the hustle and bustle of the city life is the best choice. Choose an exotic destination and combine the beach party with a vacation for your guests. The memories of such a party will be etched in their hearts forever.

    If you are willing to enjoy the most beautiful day of your life in the most memorable way, then having a wedding reception beach party in Andaman Islands is an ultimate choice. Indulge yourself in the natural beauty of this little slice of paradise on earth and rejoice each and every moment with your loved ones.