Honeymoon tour packages in Andaman

Honeymoon tour packages in Andaman

Choosing The Best Andaman Islands Honeymoon Package

  • Andaman Island, the most romantic place in India, is very popular among newlywed couples. You can have the most memorable time of your life with your significant other on this little piece of heaven on earth. A popular myth about this place is that it is extremely expensive, which is so not true. Many couples cancel their plans to these amazing islands just because they think that it will burn a hole in their pocket. But it is absolutely up to you to make your trip as much expensive as you want. And there are certain things that you should keep in mind while booking a honeymoon package in Andamans.

    Ferries can be booked later but make sure that you make all the bookings in advance for your accommodation and flights. Three to five-month of advance time is required. We understand that it would be a little too early but you can always choose to book your tickets with the airlines that allow free cancelation or free rescheduling.

  • This way, you can save a lot of your money on return airfare. Thus, you can make your trip less expensive for sure.

    For swimmers as well as non-swimmers, Andaman Island is a great destination for a honeymoon. It is the hub of a number of exciting water sports. However, you don’t have to know swimming to try any one of these. All the adventure activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, sea-walking, jet-skiing, kayaking, and many others can be done smoothly without knowing swimming. There will always be a guide with you inside the water, and also you would be wearing a life jacket while doing these activities.

    One should always include a candlelight dinner in their Andaman Islands honeymoon package.

The beachside setup of candlelit dinner amidst the sound of crashing waves and the beachy breeze is perfect for spending romantic time together. Looking at the beach while having a delicious dinner with your significant other would be an unforgettable experience for both of you. Make sure you add this to your package. Many people believe that an Andaman trip is only for people with luxury. This is so untrue. There are all kinds of hotels and resorts that will be definitely under your budget. You also have the option of staying in an eco-hut that is available at relatively lesser prices. In Havelock Island (renamed to Swaraj Dweep in 2018), which is known for having the most beautiful beaches, the resorts are expensive but they definitely offer total value for money. They are lavish and offer world-class facilities to the guests. Their location is also perfect. We would highly recommend Havelock Island Beach Resort to you if you are looking for a memorable honeymoon to spend the most precious moments with your sweetheart. This popular resort will take care of your complete comfort. It’s your honeymoon and we want you to only focus on making the most of this beautiful time. Rest everything else on this reliable beach property.

How to reach Havelock Island Beach Resort?

There are ferries plying from Port Blair that take nearly two and a half hours to reach Havelock Island. From there, the resort’s cars will pick up all your guests and drop them safely at the destination. All you need to do is make a request in advance.

As per your convenience, you can opt for either a beach resort or a luxurious hotel in the main city when you are in Port Blair. The properties are comparatively cheaper in the capital city.

Completely different altogether and more beautiful than other beach destinations in India, Andaman Islands are home to pristine natural splendor.

What’s required for a perfect honeymoon trip?

First of all, you should check the dates when you are planning. You should know about its climate. Andaman Island is an all-weather destination and can be visited all round the year, but the best time would be from September to May. In July to August, cruises and private ferries (Makruzz, Coastal Cruise, etc.) stop operating due to the rainy season. Also, owing to less inflow of travelers to the Andaman Islands, various sports activities like sea-walking and snorkeling in Elephant Beach and Jolly Buoy Island are closed. However, you can expect these activities to be open if the surge of travellers continues. You really have to keep a check on the weather forecast if you have chosen to arrive there during the off-season.

Before choosing the honeymoon package for the Andaman Islands, you should know about the best destinations there. The top three are Havelock Island, Neil Island and Port Blair. Your honeymoon package should include these destinations for sure. Each of these has its own unique charm that one should experience. If you want to spend some more time together, then you can also include Baratang Island, Rangat, Diglipur and Mayabunder. Make sure your honeymoon package contains all the best attractions of this mini-paradise.

The islands are known for highly impeccable beaches that promise an incredible honeymoon. Moreover, the food offered here further adds to an amazing experience, especially if you both are foodies. Along with being a paradise of natural beauty, it is a paradise of mouth-watering food as well. The restaurants and food outlets are known for serving a wide variety of authentic cuisines. While strolling around the island, you have to try and taste lip-smacking dishes to satisfy your taste buds.

Most importantly, the best way to pick the most amazing honeymoon package is to discuss it with your partner. You should consider their interests to know whether they would be interested in an itinerary covering all the sightseeing spots or they just want a relaxing vacation. This is essential because at the end of the day, you both should be happy with whatever package you choose. However, you can mix and match if you both have varying interests when it comes to travelling.