Destination Beach Wedding In Andaman Islands

Destination Beach Wedding In Andaman Islands

Beach Destination for your D-Day: Tying The Knot In Andamans

If you have recently been swept off your feet and are looking for a wedding away from the humdrum of urban life, amidst stunning natural beauty and serenity, then Andaman is the place to be. Crowned as one of the best islands in the world, and the glory of Bay of Bengal, Andaman and Nicobar islands have plenty to offer. Who amongst us hasn’t daydreamed of our ideal destination wedding? Every couple wants their wedding to be classic and perfect. That is precisely why they spend hours looking at decor options, guest list, photography ideas on Pinterest, and experimenting with invitation cards.

Amidst the sheer happiness of getting engaged to your beloved and planning your own dream wedding, are you also contemplating a destination wedding for your special day? If the answer is yes, you have stumbled upon the right blog. Imagine a wedding procession against a backdrop of clear skies, palm trees, cerulean water, and beautiful sandy beaches! Well, it does sound like a fairytale. For thalassophiles or sea-loving couples, there’s nothing more amorous than the sounds of the waves, sand between their toes and the hues of blue painting the landscape as they tie the knot for life. Here is an overview of what to keep in mind while planning a beautiful beach wedding in Andamans.

The Right Time Monsoons arrive in the Andamans archipelago in May and last for a few months up to early September. Remember to dodge the monsoon season while planning your wedding date. The most suitable time to be in the Andaman Islands is between October and May as the weather is delightful. As the weather can not be prophesied six months in advance, it is advisable to have a back-up plan in case of unforeseen climate change. We can not stress this enough. Remember to have a back-up plan for any kind of outdoor wedding. The last thing you want to do is scrap your ceremonies at the last minute, but sometimes nature acts moody and unpredictable. Monsoons in Andamans are marked by the onset of high tidal waves, incessant rains and strong winds. For backup in such cases, make arrangements in advance with a nearby resort as an alternate.

The Right Venue A destination wedding in Andaman can be an incredible experience. Andaman boasts of excellent accommodation options for every budget and spoils you for choices with a great display of luxurious hotel chains as well. One can opt for a beach location or luxurious resorts, or even getting hitched on a cruise. Port Blair and Havelock are the most preferable islands for a wedding, mostly owing to its prime location and the ease of transport. Anyone who is looking for a picturesque place for their D-Day can explore the luxurious resorts on these islands. A resort located right on the beach can offer you a beautiful venue for an outdoor wedding with the help of in-house staff. A beach wedding requires early planning, with a need to look at the required permits, details regarding the decor, clean-up practices after the ceremony. You can also opt for a wedding on a private beach by renting a villa, or a cruise wedding for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Right Planning Once you have taken care of the preceding steps, here is a brief checklist that requires your attention while planning a beach wedding. ? Don’t forget to read up your destination well. You’ll need to take the necessary permissions before planning a beach wedding. It’s always a good idea to spend some time to understand the requirements and have some reliable source who ensures that the groundwork is fulfilled. ? The most important factor in any wedding is the estimated budget. While planning a destination wedding, several factors influence the total cost such as airfare, accommodation, transport, presents, etc. However, for a small wedding, the cost barring airfare would be roughly 5-6 lakhs and the cost of airfare depends on how early you book your tickets, your point of departure, and the number of guests.

Several services can be availed locally. If you require fresh flowers, it’ll be mostly among the limited ones found on the islands. Other than that, the decor, hair and make-up experts, mehndi (henna) artists, photographers and priests are available locally. You are likely to get a great variety in the food catered in the islands itself. Seafood is a highlight if your guests are comfortable with non-vegetarian cuisine. ? Plan well in advance. The availability becomes a pressing matter in Andamans while making plans during the peak season. The resort, the airfare, the food arrangements, the photographer and other essential services, need to be booked well in advance. ? Always have a back-up plan for an outdoor wedding. You can not predict how/what turn mother nature takes that day, in which case it’s best to have an indoor setup ready just in case

Cerulean waters, white-sandy beaches, and lush green landscape – plan a getaway to this beautiful gem in the Bay of Bengal. Ever wondered what’s better than a wedding? A wedding and a vacation altogether! While your friends and family bask in the sun and unwind by the ocean, you get to celebrate the best days of your life. If you are the kind of couple who likes to do life unconventionally, then you must accept Andamans as your wedding destination because it possibly doesn’t get more unique than this! To plan your dream wedding in Andaman, get in touch with Andaman Island Travels and drop an inquiry here. We have been organising events and weddings in Andaman and will connect with you at the earliest to understand your requirements and help you plan your exotic wedding. We are a one-stop destination for people who wish to explore Andamans for family vacations, business trips, honeymoon, and destination weddings. Congratulations and cheers! We are looking forward to hearing from you.