Destination Beach Wedding At Havelock Island Beach Resort

Destination Beach Wedding At Havelock Island Beach Resort

  • Underwater Engagement Shoot Is The Trend We Are Crushing On!

    Every couple that decides to spend their life together is on a constant lookout for something different and unique while planning the wedding. Each wedding has a different story to tell. Destination weddings add to the flamboyance and charm of the story, and if you are someone who wants to make the wedding a once-in-a-lifetime experience in itself, you have the green flag. While planning the D-day, you must have thought of a pre-wedding shoot, maybe a post-wedding too, but what if we implore you to explore this contemporary engagement shoot as well? Hear us out! For adventurous and innovative couples, an underwater engagement shoot is as unconventional as it gets. Needless to say, you get a memory that is an art in itself. Sounds tempting right? Think azure sky reflecting on the crystal clear water as a backdrop surrounded by elegant plumages of vivid coral reefs, sounds of birds chirping, and the waves taking you on a ride with them. Wouldn’t this be an ideal account for an engagement photoshoot?

  • Taking the Plunge!

    Found on almost every Indian’s list of places to visit, Andamans and Nicobar Islands is a picturesque paradise. If you decide to have a destination wedding, have it on a quaint beach and magnificent resort in Havelock Islands. Soak in some ambience and serve some coastal delicacies at your wedding ceremonies. Tying the knot at a beach will make sure that everyone remembers your wedding for years to come! How about we take it up a notch? The couple will receive an orientation on the entire shoot at the resort. While we take care of the arrangements, the couple gets into their diving gear and head to the diving spot along with our team. After giving out the necessary information and instructions, the couple then takes a leap of faith and dive deep into the vastness of the ocean.

  • What Next?

    Once the couple finds their way to each other underwater, riding the waves together, someone from our team will hand over rings to both of them. With colourful fishes as their primary witness and the sound of the ocean playing in the backdrop, they exchange their rings and whisper promises of a life united by love. This moment is seized by our photographer who will then direct the couple to pose for the camera. P.S. We would say smile for the camera, but with scuba in your mouth to breath air, that is a far fetched idea. The beautiful engagement underwater is truly a magical experience. Once the photographer gives a green flag to the shoot, the couple is escorted back to the surface where they can click selfies for Instagram.

  • Best time to visit

    Vacationists usually flock to Havelock from the month of October to April which is the peak tourist season in the Andaman archipelago. From a wedding perspective, September to May would be the best time to plan for your D-day and the ceremonies that follow.

    What can we do for you?

    We offer and provide all-inclusive discounted wedding packages which can prove to be cheaper than local weddings. Planning a destination wedding with us is less stressful, although, at the outset, planning a wedding seems just the contrary. We specialize in personalizing the experience for the couple.

  • Our resort, Havelock Island Beach Resort in Andamans, is one of the most sought after venues in the city. Owing to its close proximity to the beach, lavish hospitality, experienced faculty, 24×7 dining, pool and a poolside bar, and activities served at a platter, this proves its worth. From wedding decor to catering requirements, to arranging this underwater engagement shoot without any hassles, we have got your back.

    How to prepare for the shoot?

    Get accustomed to water

    It is helpful if the couple is comfortable in the waters. It comes handy if they are familiar with swimming or have dived/snorkelled prior.

  • Listen to your instructor

    The couple will be informed about air sharing, the buddy diving system and the usage of compressed air to stay underwater longer.

    Practice your Poses

    Your face will be under scrutiny, and pulling off facial expressions is no cakewalk while underwater. Remember to relax, open your eyes and have fun while you are at it.

    Clear skies = Fabulous Frames

    While planning a beach wedding you are prone to avoid the monsoon season, so that’s a no-brainer. The clear the skies are, the better the lighting is, and better the pictures turn out to be. Secretly hope that it’s a sunny day, as the water will be warm, making it more comfortable for you.

  • Plan sufficient breaks

    When you surface for breaks, be prepared to gulp down some hot coffee and bathe in the sun as it’s bound to get chilly during the shoot! If you are planning your wedding sometime soon, or later, this is for you. Get in touch with Havelock Island Beach Resort and drop an inquiry here. We would be thrilled to host you and your family. Fringed by coastal trees, and pristine shorelines, Havelock beach is also called Paradise of Andamans. A single google search gives you a result of breathtaking wedding pictures on the island, and tempts you to think, what if? What if my wedding could look like that. And just like that, you find your mind wandering into places that challenge all the cliches of an Indian wedding. That’s where we come in, to bring your vivid imagination to life. All the thrillseekers out there, planning to get hitched, brace yourselves to explore and unravel the mystical ocean and sip in the view Andaman offers. With corals illuminating the ocean bed, fishes playing peek-a-boo, clear waters, it does not get any better. Some moments are worth capturing, and saying I do (sign language) to your beloved underwater while exchanging rings, is one of those moments. We have been crushing over the trend of capturing the engagement underwater in photos and seizing the moment in memories. What do you think, yay or nay?