Cruise Wedding in Andaman Islands

Cruise Wedding in Andaman Islands

You are getting married!! Your wedding day is one of the most exciting and important days of your life. Couples want to make their D-Day as beautiful and seamless as it can be. They want everything fantastic- from the right venue to the right menu. If you want to get married in a beautiful location but don’t want the hassle of dramatic wedding planning, then getting married on a cruise amid the natural beauty of the Andaman Islands is the best idea. The cruises offer various facilities to plan a shipboard or shore side wedding ceremony here. A cruise wedding in the Andaman Islands would be unforgettable for the lovely couple as well as their guests. 

Take your love on an adventure

If there is any mode of transportation built especially for the sweethearts, then it will always be the ship. The true example of this is having a cruise wedding in the Andaman Islands. The cruise brings you the best experience at sea as you cross the azure waters of the gorgeous island archipelago situated in the Bay of Bengal. Having your wedding ceremony while sailing lazily, each and every moment of the journey becomes lovelier than the destination as you spend the most romantic time with your life partner on a cruise. When you are with your significant someone amidst the natural marvel, the time would stop!

Vow with a view

The time spent on the cruise will surely leave you with such sweet memories to cherish for the rest of your life. You will witness the most mesmerizing views while onboard, like cherishing an otherworldly sunset from a good spot on the deck with your sweetheart. Enjoying a dreamy candlelight dinner is definitely a must-do. You can have the most perfect start to your new life this way, and nothing can ever beat these splendid moments. The experience of being with your partner on a cruise will leave you spellbound and will be something that you will never get out of your head, even after boarding the return flight to your home.

In the meantime, your near and dear ones can relax on the deck of the luxurious and opulent cruise. They can spend time looking at the vast ocean, go to the bow and watch fishes chasing the ship. 

Embark on a romantic journey

Celebrate your love for one another at sea. Choose a spectacular venue to say “I do”, and invite friends and family to be a part of this wonderful occasion of your life. Delicious treats, a bottle of champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, dinner at a specialty restaurant, incredible décor, and a lot more make this adventure as romantic as it gets. 

Invite your close friends and family members in your special ceremony. You can choose from available venues onboard and enjoy VIP treatment while you sail. This would be an amazing opportunity for having an adventure of a lifetime together!

Intimately yours

Spectacular weddings are made by spectacular venues. You can host your wedding ceremony and reception at a ‘never- before-dreamed-of’ kind of space. You are sure to fall in love with such a venue. Moreover, you can enhance your royal wedding with live musicians, custom flowers, photography package, and anything else that you need for an incredible ceremony. You can start your wedding on the right note with live music and dance away with your partner to have the most enjoyable time together.

Love at sea

There is an array of floral options to make your celebration more colorful. You can choose from custom bouquets to accents and arrangements. Also, you can capture your special moments by hiring a team of professionally trained photographers. Be sure on your way to an extraordinary journey together!

Why choose Andaman Islands?

The Andaman Islands are counted among the most beautiful places in India. Its beaches behold unparalleled charm and are loved by everyone. You can make the most of your memories by having a destination wedding on this tiny paradise on earth. It is the best place in India for couples owing to the scenic wonders, crystal clear waters, coconut grooves, and a lot more. Its serene beaches and picturesque shores call you for an incredible journey of your life where you can experience love with your significant someone.

In your cruise wedding, you are going to experience thrill, relaxation and some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Such a unique wedding will help you create memories for life. Imagine exchanging vows on this little heaven that is embellished with lush green coconut palms and soothing blue waters. Your love deserves such romantic moments spent in the middle of nature’s creations.

Explore exotic Andaman 

After your wedding ceremony, you can also decide to have your honeymoon on the same cruise. All your guests will be dropped off at the port and you can continue with your love journey on the turquoise waters. You can explore this Indian union territory with the love of your life by visiting its beaches that are counted among the best across the world. Havelock Island is home to the most gorgeous beaches such as Radhanagar Beach, Elephant Beach, Kala Pathar, Vijaynagar Beach, and many more. Along with being nature lovers, if you two are adventure lovers as well, then you should definitely go for water sports such as scuba diving and snorkeling. With a cruise wedding in Andaman Islands, you can have it all! If you have decided to have a cruise wedding, then trust one and only Andaman Island Travels to take care of all your bookings. You will find fantastic choices onboard. Its inclusive wedding packages can be customised as per your requirements and those special personal touches can be added. The cake, flowers, music, food, and more will exactly be as you want it to be. From intimate to limitless and from formal to fun, the cruise packages will personalise your moments of nuptial bliss to treasured memories. Your new, happy life together starts here!