5 Tricks & Tips for a Budget Vacation in Himachal Pradesh

5 Tricks & Tips for a Budget Vacation in Himachal Pradesh
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Date : 15 Feb 2023

Cool climate, warm people, exquisite architecture, picturesque river valleys, and snow-laden mountains - welcome to Himachal Pradesh. Famous for its hill stations, this north-Indian state has everything in store for all kinds of travelers. If you are traveling with children, play with snowballs during winter and go heli-skiing and if you’re traveling solo, paragliding is a must. What is most important throughout the vacation is managing the expenses - traveling around can be costly due to the elevated roads. So if you are planning a budget trip, follow these 5 tricks and tips. 

Why Budget Trip?
If you are thinking that money is not a problem, we still recommend you try doing a budget trip. This is an experience of its own. As a matter of fact, several people have started going on backpacking trips and Himachal is a popular state among them. 
Doing a budget trip, that too as a backpacker, means you can spend more time with the same amount of money that would have otherwise been spent within just a few days. Moreover, since it involves staying in shared spaces and hostels, you get to interact with others, thus gaining insight into other cultures. 

Tricks and Tips for Your Budget Holiday
Irrespective of who you are traveling with, given below are some tricks and tips you can follow to save money on your adventure.
1: Go Offbeat
The first tip we have for you is to go off-road. This means you can skip the key transportation routes and go hitchhiking. Also, avoiding crowded places or tourist spots means you will have to pay lesser money when you stay in an offbeat location. It goes without saying that tourist destinations are more expensive than less crowded ones. 

Staying in a small homestay in a remote village will cost you less. Moreover, other items like food and basic necessities will also be inexpensive in these places. 

2: Savor Local Delicacies
As much as you want to eat multi-cuisine dishes or food items like pasta and pizza, we recommend you stay away from those during your vacation in the state. Instead of going to large restaurants or expensive cafes, eat homecooked meals or local food at small restaurants. Besides, it will also give you a taste of Himachali cuisine. Can you think of a better way to immerse in the local culture than to try their local food?
If you’re living in a homestay, you will also have the choice of cooking your food. Moreover, your host can also prepare some local dishes for you. And if you’re somebody who likes to make their own cup of tea/coffee, even better. 
You can also eat at food stalls, especially for snacking. One thing you must try is the local dish called Dhaam, which is usually prepared in the state on special occasions and festivals. 

3: Travel with a Group 
Group travelers obtain the best discounts and deals on accommodation as well as on flights. Moreover, if you take taxis for traveling around, it will be highly expensive, especially if you are traveling alone. Besides, you will also get a sense of security and safety. 
Since traveling with strangers in groups can be a little discomforting and an invasion of privacy, especially if you are not into interacting with people, it’s best you go with a group of friends or family to make this trick work in your favor. 


4: Keep an eye out for Deals and Discounts
The majority of money is spent on accommodation and transportation during a trip. Thus, while making reservations, look out for any deals and discounts. For staying, booking a homestay or living in a hostel can be the cheapest option. And when it comes to booking buses or flights, reserve them well in advance so you do not have to face high air or bus fares at the last moment. 

One thing you must remember is sometimes, trying to spend lesser money means spending more time. For instance, you may book a cheaper bus that takes even more hours to reach the destination. Alternatively, you might even opt for a bus over a flight due to the price difference. But remember one thing, the longer you travel, the more tired you will be when you arrive. So if you want to make the most out of your journey, we recommend you save money but only in the right places. 

The rising competition among competitors can make it even more beneficial for you. Check the bus/flight fares on different websites. The same goes for your stay options as well. 

5: Avoid Traveling during the Peak Season
The peak season in Himachal Pradesh is during the summer months from March to June. This is because people travel from all over the country to the state to avoid the scorching heat since summers here are pleasant. Traveling in the peak season means higher air/bus fares along with high costs of accommodation. Since they make up most of the vacation expenses, choosing to travel during the off-season will help you save a chunk of money. Besides, it will be less crowded so you will get to relax in peace.

The low season is from July to September since it’s monsoon at this time. The rains make this already lush green place even greener. However, several areas in the state become prone to landslides. So if you want to avoid risking this, you can also consider traveling during the shoulder season. This is from December to February. Unlike monsoons, people like to travel in winter here, so expect a crowd. Nonetheless, it is not as crowded as in summer. 

Spending a vacation in Himachal during winter can be highly rewarding - you can go skiing and heli-skiing and witness beautiful snowfall. Additionally, the mesmerizing view of snow-covered hill stations will make your trip even more valuable. 


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