Bicycle rental in Neil Island

Bicycle rental in Neil Island

Explore Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep) on a bi-cycle

As the rustic Neil Island urges us to slow down a little to immerse in its beauty which is hardly stretched to five kilometres in length, it is best explored on foot. Walking across the coconut farms, visiting the neighbourhood and familiarising yourself with the local markets in the tiny little island to know it better is only possible when you travel slow and observe more.

By any chance, walking isn’t something that you can consider even if you wish to, you have an alternative here. Here, cycling is recommended to explore the destination as much as long walks. At Neil Island, cycling is not only a fun activity for couples and friends during sunset but also a mode of commute within the island.

With the availability of many bike rentals at small distances, hiring a cycle is never a hassle here. The shops charge a nominal fee on a per-day basis which they deduct from the security deposit and return the remaining amount once you return the bicycle.

Why cycling? If this is the question lingering on your mind or you are wondering if there any mode of commute within the island then, the answer you get is ‘yes’. You can also rent a bike or a car and freely roam around. Though tiny in area, Neil Island is as good as its neighbouring islands Havelock Island (Swaraj Deep) and Port Blair when it is about logistics. To commute within the island, you can also take a bus or a cab to save little money. Well, you can pick all of these alternatives to cycling while exploring other islands but, Neil Island has a flat terrain perfect for cycling which is not the case in other islands in Andaman and Nicobar archipelago.

Post renting a bicycle early in the morning, you can directly head to Bharatpur beach to watch people trying some adventure water sports activities after catching the sunrise. Bharatpur beach located 500 metres away from the Neil Jetty, is one of the first popular spots you will come across and hence heading there wouldn’t be of any difficulty. Later, you can stroll around the streets of Neil Island to understand the local vibe and if not tired then take the route to Laxmanpur Beach 1 to catch the sunset.

You can cycle around Neil Island until a few hours post the sunset as everything shuts once it starts to get dark. Entry to beaches is prohibited, markets are closed and, you will hardly find anyone on the streets. Post evening, you are forced to spend some time in tranquillity and witness the magnificent sky full of star and moon at your accommodation.

Most of the accommodations, irrespective of being hotels or resorts, have the facility of bicycle rentals. If not, they can help you get one using contacts. But, it mostly depends on the availability of the bicycle in stores. Therefore, pre-booking of your bi-cycling is a must here.

If you plan your visit to Neil Island and wish to explore the paradise cycling, we at the Andaman Islands Travels Pvt.Ltd. are at your service to help you with bookings.