Bachelor Party in Andaman Islands

Bachelor Party in Andaman Islands

  • Want to celebrate your last precious days of bachelorhood before tying the knot? Couples travel to exciting destinations to celebrate their bachelorette party with their close friends with full enthusiasm. They look for such a place that is far away from their daily city life, where they can forget everything else and have fun 24X7.

    When it comes to bachelor celebrations like friends outing or bachelorette parties, then Andaman Islands is undoubtedly the one-stop destination for you. This Indian union territory has everything to make your special time even more fantastic- the white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, pleasant surroundings, and to top it all, cool people in stylish swimwear. Partying with your BFFs is definitely atreasured experience here!

  • The nightlife of Andaman Islands is tranquil, and the exotic beachside resorts attract youngsters from all over the country. The whole aura of the place is completely different from what you have seen in your city or during other trips. It is the most incredible party destination and that’s why, you should plan a fun-filled bachelor party with your squad here.

    To help you spice up your bachelor’s party vacation, we are here to help you at every step. Read to know what awaits you on this enchanting island

  • Invade the loveliest beaches

    Andaman Island is home to the best party beaches in India. Just pack all your party stuff, music system, beach drink coolers to enjoy the never-ending evenings at its beautiful beaches. You can spend fun-filled time with your closest buddies by playing games or go for a swim together. The beaches here offer endless fun possibilities. Do whatever suits you!

  • Get groovy

    What you wear at a party further enhances the ‘funky factor’ of the celebration. To get that free-bird party vibes, it is a must that you dress up in some cool beach-themed clothes. Look like a party diva by wearing that extra-special dress. Chuck away your normal clothes! Guys can pair up light colored t-shirts with floral beach shorts and girls can wear floral one-piece dresses. Spice it up with trendy bead accessories and other party stuff to add a dash of awesomeness to your bachelor party in Andaman Islands.

  • Get to know new people

    Youngsters from all over the world travel to Andaman Islands to enjoy their time. Thus, you will have the opportunity of meeting many foreign like-minded youngsters to chill out with. Finding people like them and knowing them amid the natural beauty of the place has its own charm. It would be a great idea to ask a few party lovers to join you as more people can have more fun together. You can make new friends on your bachelor’s trip who can also be your friends for a lifetime. And who knows like your friend who is getting married, you find your special one here! Anything can happen, right? It would be such a sweet story.

  • Stay at a beachfront property

    Some of the most luxurious beach resorts are in Andaman Islands. You have to stay in an awesome beachfront property like this to make the most of your vacation. After spending your day hopping from one beach to another, you would need a comfortable space where you can just relax. A beach resort is your best choice. Imagine waking up in front of a beautiful beach in the morning. Refreshing, isn’t it?

    Havelock Island Beach Resort is one such property that is going to offer you more than your expectations. You can relax by its huge pool with your favorite drink in your hand or hit the gym! You can also taste the most delicious food here at any time of the day (including late night!). The resort is perfect for enjoying your unforgettable bachelorhood days. The time spent here with your besties will be etched forever in your heart. 

  • Go for water activities

    Enjoying different water sports in Andaman Islands has to be in your travel bucket list. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or not, the beaches have something for everyone. Havelock Island is the best for water sport activities. You can try here so many adventure activities- scuba diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing, kayaking, banana boat riding, glass-bottom boat riding, and a lot more. The memories of these moments are sure to make you happy even after years have passed. So, don’t miss them at any cost!

  • Hire a private yacht or cruise

    Taking your celebration from the beach to a private yacht would be a great thing to try at your bachelor party. What could be a better place where you can do anything without being judged? Of course, you have to let your weird and wild side out of your system with your close ones. You can rent a luxury cruise or yacht for a day’s party or overnight stay. Imagine embarking on a continuous journey with groovy music, your favorite drinks, mouth-watering food and serene landscape. What else would a party animal need? Going for such an adventure of your life with your squad would be a fabulous addition to your life.

    Contact Andaman Island Travels for availing the most affordable prices if you are worried about your expenses. Its experienced team will help you with your whole vacation on the islands. 

  • Shop attractive souvenirs

    Travelling to Andaman Islands with your girl gang / Boys Gang means a lot of shopping. Girls’ eternal connection with shopping cannot be understood by anyone else, right? Just go out to its popular markets like Aberdeen Bazaar or Sagarika Emporium to buy stunning shell-based products, cane artifacts and superb jewellery. Even window shopping with your buddies will make your beach holidays truly memorable.