Andaman Islands Specialty

Andaman Islands Specialty

Andaman Islands- Lavish, Luxurious and a must visit Travel Getaway

Craving sunny skies, pristine crystal blue water, stretched white sand beaches, luscious green palm forests, with a touch of fascinating heritage? Then you are absolutely at the right spot! With over 572 islands, stretched over the juncture of Bay of Bengal, Andaman and Nicobar islands, is the literal definition of tropical paradise.

From glistening sea beds, chirping of tropical birds, hustling bustling beaches, to crystal clear water with wides species of marine animals, this is what the beauty of Andamans hold and holidaying here would etch its mark over your heart and mind.

If you are looking forward to a melodious afternoon, or maybe an adventurous sea life experience or even a honeymooning private island, all your wishes can be fulfilled, at the Bay of Bengal tropical beauty- Andaman Island. Make sure to not miss a once in a lifetime opportunity, jot down travel to Andaman Island as a must visit destination under your bucket list!

  • Romance at Andaman – Honeymoon on a private island

    Want to spend some time away with your special one away from the hustle and bustle, routine city life? Then Andamans is the place for you. From having a secluded and romantic place to walking on the beach barefoot holding hands, Andamans with its private island and honeymoon packages, offers you a chance of creating memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

    Spend some time with your partner on one of the many luxury resorts in Andamans. These resorts are sure to provide you with a grandiose and lavish experience with blissful services which will take you away from the mundanities of your daily lives and make your stay a memorable one. Do not introspect, make your special one happy, on this tropical beauty.

  • Explore the deep blue- Scuba diving in Andamans

    Once the sea casts its spell, it holds you in the net of wonder forever. Offering a kaleidoscope of countless marine animals- big and small to colourful coral reefs home to the wonders of nature, scuba diving at Andamans will captivate you for years to come and you will surely yearn to return the sea time and again. From swimming with the turtles to noticing starfishes walk to sharks devouring and preying on small coral reefs, Havelock Island at Andamans, is home to more than 500 marine species.

    Quench your thirst, swim away from your worries, open your eyes to the small and giant wonders of the sea world, be with them, play with them, for here no one will disturb you, no one will call you. It’s you and those colourful reefs dancing in the water, glistening and shining to the sun rays, treasure the experience, and devour nature’s beauty for it is all available at Andaman.

  • Natural wonders of Andaman Islands

    From India’s only active volcano at the Barren Island to limestone caves and kayaking in the pristine blue waters, Andamans offers something new every day. With each island having its own unique set of wonders, Andamans is the natural wonder and gem of Bay of Bengal.

    Through a collection of private ferry tours to having your private car and not compromising on luxury and lavish style, you could not be happier and blessed to be a part of such an eventful excursion.

Unravel the secrets behind India’s history

Offering majestic insights to quench the curious side of you, Andaman Island is one place that will intrigue and pique your interest with its history and heritage. Be it the European invasion to post-colonization British empowerment and culturally diverse tribes to India’s most terrorized jail- Kala Pani- Cellular Jail, Andamans history is worth knowing.

The islands have their own story and to know them better, you have to walk through the paths and roads paved by them. Offering insights to these beautiful islands, their history calls for you.

  • Say ‘Yes’ – Get married in Andamans

    Want a beach side destination wedding in Andamans, or maybe want to propose to your special one at an exotic location? What’s better than getting down on your knee next to the sea, warm sand beneath your feet, gentle winds blowing, fairy lights and Pina Coladas? It is quite a picture right?

    Let the pristine clear water set your soul free, tie down the anxiety with its luscious green forests and roam around the beach, go for snorkelling, satiate your adventurous and your romantic side together on the beautiful Andaman Island.

    You will find all the help you need here to make your transition magical and your big day nothing less than a fairy tale. No matter big or a small gathering, the picturesque background, the smile on the faces of your loved ones as you walk down the aisle, will make it a mystical and an everlasting feeling.

  • Relax, unwind at the best spa resorts in Andamans

    What’s better than getting a spa and massage next to the sea, as waves crash along the shore, well, reliving the experience again and again at the lavish and luxurious resorts at Andaman Island is one for sure.

    It is an intoxicating experience, enjoying a well deserved massage, fragrant Ayurvedic oils making your skin smooth and supple, while your eyes feast on the picturesque never-ending ocean right in front of you.

  • Games, perfect tan and coconut water- land recreation activities at Andamans

    In case you are tired of the sea and want to enjoy on land today, don’t you fret, Andaman has unlimited leisure, entertainment and play options for that too.

    From playing badminton, volleyball with your kids, take an aimless stroll down the beach, witness turtles roaming around the Diglipur beach without a care in the world. Put your haggling skills to use at the bazaars of Andaman or simply watch a beautiful sunset from one of the many immaculate beaches.

    Experience home away from home, perfecting that natural tan, sipping cool coconut water while spending time with your loved one.

Much more to explore- Things to do in Andamans

From cruising along the Bay of Bengal to diving in the ocean and swimming with the sea world to kayaking around the islands, Andamans has much more to offer and experience the cultural and diverse wonders of the nature. It’s time to pack your bags, book your tickets and ready yourself for a vacation of a lifetime.

Do not miss the amazing light and sound show at the Cellular jail imbibing and captivating you with the history of British colonization, or taking tours along the Jolly buoy and Havelock islands- the world to colourful coral reefs, live your life to the fullest, enjoy nature’s creation, as nothing can beat the tropical paradise of Bay of Bengal, Andaman Islands- home to tribes, history, and numerous marine animals.