Adventures At Andaman Islands

Adventures At Andaman Islands


Trek through the wilderness and quench the thirst of an adventurous soul. Boasting of coastal hillocks, the terrain of Andamans offer some of the most beautiful trekking opportunities. Wrapped in millennial language as backpacking or bushwalking, the best time to go for trekking in Andamans is during November. Traversing through tropical forests and encountering rare flora and fauna, hillocks of Andamans are a great place to begin for those who are new to trekking. Depending upon the difficulty level of the trek, one can hire a guide, rent different types of equipment for a smooth experience. Here are some of the best trekking experiences that Andamans has in store for travellers.

  • 1. Mount Harriet To Madhuban

    The highest peak of the South Andamans, Mount Harriet stands at 1,197 ft. Adorned with lush greenery, Mount Harriet National Park houses quite some rare flora and fauna. Upon mounting the peak, the top rewards the traveller with the view of the entire Port Blair city. There are various exotic species of birds wherein 11 are endemic, reptiles and many amphibians with a new species of frog that has recently made it to the list. Trekking to Madhuban gives you the chance to observe green marine turtles, mammals, and a variety of moths in their natural territory. A 16-kilometre natural trail offers a picturesque experience for trekking enthusiasts. One of the views that we can vouch for is the Light House of North Bay Island, also found at the back of the INR 20 bill, the one taken from the top of Mount Harriet.

  • 2. Chidiya Tapu To Kala Pahad

    Trekking from Chidiya Tapu to Kala Pahad is quite an offbeat trekking destination of the South Andaman. A trail that commences at Chidiya Tapu beach and traverses through dense woods to finally mount the Kala Pahad or Black mountain. For trekking enthusiasts, Chidiya Tapu has a little more to offer, as the trek takes you along a coastline through the woods in under an hour. One can also take the help of a local guide to reach Kala Pahad top. Once at the peak, one can see a black cliff at the edge of Chidiya Tapu with an expansive sea. This particular view is enough to make you fall in love with the trek and make your journey worthwhile. 

  • 3. Radhanagar Beach To Elephant Beach

    Trekking in Havelock Islands is a treat to adventuresome zealots. On this trek, the traveller shall pass through nature’s wilderness to reach mangroves and elephant beach. The wind will continue swinging past you and accompany you throughout the trail. The trek lasts for 30 to 40 minutes, and if that sounds exhilarating, one can take a boat ride to reach the elephant beach. But passing through the mangroves and winding lanes is the best way to indulge in adventure. Upon reaching the beach finally, you can sit comfortably for a while and can enjoy any of the water sports activities.

  • 4. Baratang Islands To Limestone Caves

    This unique island is a place of respite from the hustle and bustle of life. Upon reaching Baratang, one can trek through different trek routes and explore the expanse of mangroves. This trek ought to have the shortest duration of 15 to 20 minutes. Step on walkways made by cutting through dense forest and large rocks. En route, one can spot the indigenous tribes of Middle Andamans called the Jarawa tribes. Upon reaching Limestone caves, one can observe beautifully crafted calcite stones that change their structure according to seasons. The intricate pattern inside the cave is the highlight of the architecture. This trek often finds a place in the honeymoon itinerary traversing Middle Andaman.

  • 5. Lamiya Bay Beach to Saddle Peak

    Few things are needed to keep in mind while going for trekking. A good pair of shoes, comfortable clothes, a water bottle, a camera, and an adventurous spirit is a must. Standing 732 metre above sea level, Saddle Peak in Diglipur is the highest point in the entire Bay of Bengal. The base originates at Lamia Bay, from where one needs to trek almost 8 kilometres to reach the top of the peak and ultimately witness the birds-eye view of the majestic coasts of North and Middle Andaman. One can also get a sneak peek of Alfred caves while trekking this point. The peak is well-endowed with lush greenery with 12 indigenous bird species, 36 insect species, and indigenous tree species. This place is undoubtedly nature’s paradise with rich biodiversity. The mesmerizing topography and the rewarding views can even make a lazy person go for a trekking expedition in the Andaman.

Bird Watching

Bird watching is nature’s therapy. The chirping of birds can let the mind heal on its own. It is a proven fact that doctors prescribe watching birds, the sound of rain and instrumental music as a medical prescription to avoid stress. Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a prime destination for Bird watching. The ornithologists (one who study birds) find it a great place to observe birds because of its rich biodiversity. There are around 265 species out of which 39 are endemic. The state bird of the Andaman is known as the Andaman Wood Pigeon.

Bird watching is an experience to relish in silence. One should not miss this activity when in the Andaman. The Andaman Islands is a haven for several species like Andaman serpent eagle, Andaman crake, Brown coucal, Andaman scops owl, Hume’s boobook, and more. If you love observing wild birds, then Andamans is a place for you. Here are several places in the Andaman Islands where one can experience bird watching.

  • 1. Mount Harriet National Park

    Mount Harriet National Park is widely recognized as the tropical evergreen forest of Port Blair. It was originally a reserve that houses Andaman Cuckoo Dove, Andaman wood pigeon, Andaman scops owl, Andaman Drongo, and Andaman Treepie. Apart from these endemic species, one can also observe Olive-backed Sunbird, Dollar Bird, Pintail Snipe that make a perfect sight for bird photography. The best time to go for bird watching is early morning as birds remain active in those hours. One can hear their chirping as they enjoy their day. They will be lazing around in the nest in a playful mood. In the evening, they come back to their nest with food. It’s a beautiful scene to capture when birds return to their nests after darkness.

  • 2. Sippi Ghat

    Sippi Ghat is a place in the south of the Andaman under spice-herbs cultivation along with different medicinal plants. It is primarily a wetland with water birds and waders. Sippi Ghat is famous for birds like Brown Hawk Owl, Sunda Teal, Collared Kingfisher, Black-napped tern, Andaman Hawk Owl, Orange-headed thrush, Olive-backed sunbird and many other birds. It is an overwhelming experience for travellers to observe birds. Visitors have instructions to maintain silence so that birds don’t fly away. The ideal time to go to Sippi Ghat is in the morning. During the afternoon the birds are least active. So, one needs to watch birds early in the morning to capture beautiful snaps later in the evening.

  • 3. Chidiya Tapu

    Located to the south of Port Blair, Chidiya Tapu is popularly known for trekking and birding. It is believed that the trek to Mount Harriet from Chidiya Tapu is a perfect track of bird watching and bird photography. It is also called the sunset point of the Andaman Islands. The best time to visit Chidiya Tapu is during September and May. Being called ” Sparrow Island”, Chidiya Tapu is a haven for resident birds. The island is 25kms from Port Blair and is full of lush green mangroves. The different variety of birds on the island includes White Throated Kingfisher, Collared Kingfisher, Andaman Serpent Eagle, Chestnut-Headed Bee-eater, Alexandrine Parakeet, Black Naped Oriole and many more. If you want to enjoy Bird watching to the core, try to visit this island in the early morning hours.

  • 4. Farar Ganj

    A beautiful place to observe endemic birds, Farar Ganj, is famed for its night birding. One needs to stay overnight to see birds the next morning. That is the pleasure one can derive from watching the birds chirping. The unique attraction of this place is night birding. It is a kind of adventure where one can explore night owls like Hume’s Hawk Owl, Andaman Barn-owl, Andaman Scops-owl and more. It is a lifetime experience, and you can make friends and family a part of it. For travellers, it provides an ideal setting for the night bird photography.

  • 5. Havelock Island

    Rich in flora and fauna, Havelock is home to wild mangroves, forests, and a myriad of birds. Some of the species you cannot miss are the emerald dove, green pigeon, hanging parrots, long-tailed parakeets and more. One can behold the sight of the birds early in the morning and right before sunset. Sadly, few species of birds on this island are on the verge of extinction. You can choose to visit this island for mental peace and inner realization.

Water sports 

When you visit an island, and a wild, vast ocean surrounds you, there is nothing else to do, except to take a plunge into the unknown territories, Andamans is the ideal water sports hotspot. Travellers can choose from a wide range of water sport activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, parasailing, banana boat ride, sea walking and several more. These activities can be taken up on an individual basis or even with the help of a guide. Apart from getting a dose of adrenaline, one also gets to explore the unseen part of the underwater world. So, when in Andaman, put on your diving costume!

Plan your vacation to the paradise on the earth among rare species, colourful butterflies and more. The best time to visit Andaman is during April and November. However, the peak season for adventure and other activities is during December and January. You can book your tickets beforehand to avoid last-minute bookings. Andamans is a haven for endemic plants, vivid corals, dense forests, beautiful nature trails, caves and whatnot. Do you need more reasons to visit the Andaman Islands? Start packing your bags right away and head over to this beautiful destination. To help you plan the best vacation possible, you can always rely on us.