Sea Walking in Andaman

Sea Walking in Andaman

Sea Walking

One of the most popular activities in Andaman, Sea Walking is an enthralling experience and is a whole lot different from other water activities in Andaman. It is the perfect way to check out the Marine diversity and its beauty by Non-Swimmers. It is also one of the safest adventures to take part as lifeguards accompany you throughout the walk. People from all age groups ranging from 7 to 70 years old can avail this walk.

How to Sea walk?

You wear a large glass dome connected to a tube that supplies oxygen. Once you are aware of the safety measures, you will be lowered towards the seabed. Well, not too deep, You can easily walk around the seabed and view the splendid underwater world.


For those who are wondering about the timings, here it is. Sea Walking is available from Monday to Sunday, at North Bay Island – 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM while at Elephant Beach – Starts at 8:30 AM and is until 2:00 PM.


  • People with heart diseases should not try Sea Walking without the approval of the doctor.
  • Elephant beach, located at Havelock Island is the best place for Sea Walking in Andaman.
  • The best time to experience Sea Walking is from May to June as the weather is really favourable. Also, you will find the corals blooming during these months.
  • The usual depth of Sea Walking is between 7-10 metres.
  • Anyone above the age of 9 and under 60 can experience this activity.
  • The maximum duration for this activity is from 20 to 25 minutes.
  • You can also wear glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses as it is completely safe inside the helmet.
  • Do not touch the reefs.
  • It is crucial to read the safety guidelines provided by your instructor.


An activity like an underwater sea walk can help you explore a hidden space of the marine animals. The water ecosystem has so much to provide. Life underwater is full of happiness and comfort. Nobody is disturbing no one and are happy inhabitants of aquatic life. You have got to explore the sea walk once in your life to observe aquatic beings in their natural habitat. How they swim and play is the best story to uncover. Explore the sensation when time stops. You can feed the fish in real and take part in underwater photography. You can compare the exploration as similar to spacewalking, where you will seem to float and enjoy. It’s a brilliant expedition for anyone who loves to enjoy the natural underwater world at close quarters.

Where in Andamans

Elephant Beach – Elephant Beach, a haven for water sports in all of Andamans, lie tucked away in Havelock Island. The underwater volcanic formation houses one of the richest and rarest corals Andamans has to offer. Here you can traverse the marine life while walking on the smooth and clear seabed alongside multicoloured fishes and amidst bright coral reefs.
North Bay Beach – Second best place to experience sea walk in Andaman after Elephant Beach, North Bay Beach is a boat ride away from Port Blair. The corals here give a small yet dense appearance which houses dozens of remarkable fish species and lobsters.