Cab Booking in Andaman

Cab Booking in Andaman

Speaking of the Andaman Islands, which are the top places that come to your mind? We are guessing Port Blair, Havelock Island (renamed to Swaraj Dweep) and Neil Island (renamed to Shaheed Dweep). Isn’t it? It is quite normal to think like that as these places for the most visited route for a vacation in the most beautiful union territory of India. There is absolutely no doubt about the beauty of these places but do you know that there is a lot to see across these islands? The Andaman Islands comprises hundreds of islands with palm-lined, white-sand beaches, mangroves and tropical rainforests. Only a fraction of the whole area is inhabited by humans. It means that there is a lot to explore and enjoy when you are in this little paradise.

Yes, you are right. Being an island, ferry services are the lifeline here but there are so many places that can be reached via road. You can book a cab for a day or your whole vacation to go and explore the unexplored. That is why, cab services are in high demand here. During the peak season, it becomes very difficult to get a vehicle as there is a huge shortage. Thus, it is always preferable to get your cab booking done in advance in order to avoid the last-minute hassle. Moreover, you should be extra cautious when selecting vehicle services in the islands as there is poor or no connectivity of the mobile network and it may become tough for you to connect with a cab driver during your holidays. No app-based taxi services are available in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and thus, you have to rely on private cabs.

Road journey to Baratang 

Andaman Island is home to some of the loveliest places in the country. For instance, you can hire a private AC car and travel to Baratang from Port Blair, the capital city where you will land. It is the best and the most convenient way. You will get driven via the Andaman Trunk Road (ATR) and move in a group with one short vehicle-ferry connection. It will take a total of four hours but the lush greens and blue waters will make the whole experience memorable. Getting around Baratang Island is also quite easy. You can hire a cab to a place like Mud Volcano from the Baratang Jetty. Renting cabs is pocket-friendly as well as the most convenient way. Please note that no scooter or bike rentals are available on the island. Also, there are no auto-rickshaws as well. 

Take a road trip to Rangat

You can hire a cab from Port Blair to reach Rangat. As there is a driver with you, you don’t need to worry about the return option. Also, you don’t have to take any public transport for going in and out of your hotel and seeing the places of attraction that can be accessed by the road. Your driver will be a local of the island and he will be experienced enough to suggest you the best places to see and good places to eat. As he must be already been around, he will ensure that you visit all the places as per your itinerary and return on time to carry on with your vacation. 

If you are travelling on a fixed schedule and have a limited number of days to see the place before you back to your hometown, then hiring a private cab is the best option for you. By booking your cabs in advance before you travel, you will save yourself from so much stress when you finally reach Andamans. A lot of your time and effort will be saved this way. The cab will pick you right from your accommodation and drop you back there after the trip is completed. Moreover, the whole route to reach Rangat is very beautiful and is something completely different from your city.

Visit Mesmerising Mayabunder via cab

It is very easy to visit Mayabunder via cab. This place is like a hidden gem of the Andamans. Along with observing seasonal turtle nesting, you can also go for boat rides, viewing elephants and trekking in this town. The origin to start your journey to Mayabunder is the capital of Andaman Island- Port Blair. The whole route is scenic and it is quite obvious for you to enjoy this experience. 

Exploring Dazzling Diglipur 

Andaman Island is so much more than only sea and sand. If you want to witness impressive natural attractions, then you should spend time in Diglipur. The surrounding sights are amazingly beautiful as well. To reach Diglipur, you can travel up north also by Andaman Trunk Road, crossing three creeks on the way and the Jarawa tribe area. The journey is a bit exhausting but totally worth it.

If you are interested in hiring cabs for your road trip, then contact none other than the most reliable local tour operator in the islands- Andaman Island Travels. Located in Port Blair, it can provide you AC or a non-AC cab, based on your preference. It will facilitate pickups and drop-offs to all sightseeing places in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. You can also avail airport pickup and drop off services. Andaman Island Travels is a reliable name when it comes to making all the bookings anywhere in Andamans. Its experienced operators will take care of all your reservations exactly as per your requirements.

Is it safe to book a cab in Andaman Islands?

Andaman Island Travels is the most trusted name in the islands. The drivers are polite and take care of you in an absolutely professional manner. The highest standards for cabs and drivers are followed by the company. You don’t have to worry at all after booking cabs from the company. 

What to expect from cab services in Andaman Islands?

  • On-time pickup and drop off
  • Local drivers assisting you with your itinerary 
  • Professional drivers
  • Clean and well-maintained vehicles